Opposition Chief Whip Stripped the Chief Minister Layer by Layer in Vedanta Matter

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In a opening statement on the adjournment motion moved by Opposition Chief Whip Prasad Harichandan, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik told Orissa Assembly this forenoon that the period of limitation of challenging the order of Orissa High Court in Vedanta University matter is not yet over.

The High Court verdict delivered on November 16 has nullified the land lease granted to the non-existent University. It has held the land acquisition illegal and directed for restoration of the acquired land to the owners thereof. The government has been taken to task by the Court on about 16 counts and corrupt conduct of the government in the matter has got focused in the judgment.

The CM in his statement tried to counter the determinations of the Court and to show that there is no illegality in acquisition and allocation of land to Vedanta University.

Harichandan took the CM by horn on this ground. Is the CM competent to say that the High Court judgment is not correct? he asked. The supreme Court is the only authority that can weigh the the High Court verdict, not the CM, he said.

As on the day, the reality is that the High Court has held the acquisition of land and allotment thereof to a non-existent university as illegal and impermissible, said he.

Prasad further pointed out that the intention behind the rash acquisition of lands, in utter disregard to the stipulations under Land Acquisition Act is held by the Court as mala fide. Hammering on the CM’s statement he said that the government knew that in showing his concern as a public company for the purpose of facilitating the land acquisition, Anil Agrawal was cheating Orissa. It was a must necessity for the government to verify the truth from the Registrar of Companies. But because of the now legally known mala fide motive of the CM, the executive did not dare to obtain any such verification from the Company Registrar, he said.

The CM is clearly in a criminal nexus with Anil Agrawal in cheating the people in the name of a non-existent university and hence needs be prosecuted under the Indian penal Code. Sloughing over of objections / advice of the Law department as well as others, for instance – Higher Education Minister’s note on the file dated 31.5.2007 where , instead of taking a decision at his end, he had noted, “sensitive issue, CM may decide” – is indicative of CM’s involvement with the crime in question.

Prasad alleged that a case against Anil Agrawal pending since 23 May 2008 is not proceeding as the Crime Branch is not getting his address whereas his visit to the CM’s chamber is often telecasted, each time in know of the police higher-ups. Obviously the CM has been giving him protection, he alleged.

When for this and other instances of abetment in the crime by Agrawal against human rights, fundamental rights , forest and environmental rights etc the CM, if laws of the land are to prevail, needs be prosecuted under 120(b) of the IPC, a criminal case has already been registered against him day before yesterday, registered vide No.371/2010 before the SDJM, Puri, he said.

In the circumstances, Naveen babu should quit the CM post as with him at the supreme helm of affairs, the State cannot conduct the prosecution properly.

From the very beginning of his speech, ruling party backbenchers as well as distinguished heavyweights were wildly roaring to suppress him. At a point, the Leader of Opposition had to rise to ask the Speaker as to whether that was the manner of debate he was supposed to preside over? And, whether that was the pattern of protection he was legally required to provide to members speaking on call? Then for a few minutes the ruling party loudmouths abstained from shouting. But no sooner than that, Prasad was asked to cut short his speech in view of paucity of time. And the next from the notice givers was called upon to speak.

The debate is to continue in the second half of the day.

The 2nd Day Also Lost to Corruption of the Chief Minister

The 2nd day of the current session of the Orissa Assembly is also lost to corruption of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. The Congress Party – the recognized Opposition in the Assembly – is harping on its demand for his resignation as in the compass of land allocation to the dubious design called Vedanta University the needle of suspicion points to him so strongly that continuance of such a man as the Chief Minister is not permissible under democratic prudence. The Congress Party is citing the High Court verdict in support of its demand.

The Assembly drowned under uproars from the start of the day and within 15 minutes it suffered the first adjournment. The scenario did not change and finally the day was lost.

Speaker Pradip Amat tried to resolve the impasse through the Business Advisory Committee; but it could not bring in any change in Opposition stance.

Opposition stresses on resignation of Naveen Patnaik from the post of Chief Minister; it does not demand for resignation of the Government.

A corrupt fellow whose personal interest in allocation of the lands to Anil Agrawal under a cover has given brutal burial to rule of the law and has given birth to the mega land scam discernible in pages of the High Court verdict, is himself the worst possible affront to the august office he holds and therefore must quit to save Orissa from further loss, injury and embarrassment, the Congress maintains.

Orissa Assembly: End Session of the Year Commences with Demand for CM’s Resignation over Corruption

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Assembly started its last session for 2010 on November 23, but lost most of the day to ruckus over corruption in land allocation to the unborn dubious venture called Vedanta University in which, the needle of suspicion points directly towards Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Both the Congress and BJP demanded that Patnaik must resign, as his corrupt conduct has been exposed even in judicial determination over the issue. The Lokpal report apart, the Opposition’s stress was on the judgment of the Orissa High Court in justification of their demand.

The Orissa High Court has nullified the land acquisition for and allocation to this so-called university and has ordered for return of the lands to the originals owners thereof in its landmark judgment of November 16.

The High Court judgment reveals how illegal steps are taken by Naveen Patnaik government to oblige the trader that has resorted to naked falsehood in order to grab the most valuable, rare and sensitive coastal land in Puri.

Loudmouth frontbencher of the CM’s party, Pradip Maharathi as well as the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Raghunath Mohanty were prominent amongst members of their side to criticize the opposition for their demand for the CM’s resignation. When the Congress run government at the centre is involved with corruption in 2G spectrum allocation and in management of the Commonwealth Games and when the BJP Chief Minister in Karnataka is exposed for land scam that he architected in family interest, what moral right the same two parties have for demanding Naveenbabu’s resignation, they asked.

But the wordy acrobatics notwithstanding, they were marked for not saying a word in support of Naveen Patnaik in context of the High Court verdict in matter of illegality resorted to by his government in land acquisition/allocation that Anil Agrawal needs at Puri.

MUFP Condemns Keelhauling of ETV Reporter by OASP at Puri

While covering Suna Vesha of Lord Sri Jagannath at Puri, Srikanta
Sahoo, ETV News Reporter  has been subjected to violence of OASP
personnel inside the temple on Nov 21,2010. He was not only haughtily
keelhauled, his Press ID Card was snatched and thrown by the OASP personnel.

Media Unity for Freedom of Press condemns this uncivilized and
uncalled for action of the uniformed men against media. It is sad that
the Police has not registered the FIR filed by Sahu as yet and the
district police chief has been sitting nonchalant despite being
informed of the offense by a delegation of local journalists.

MUFP calls upon the authorities to initiate prompt action against the
concerned OASP staff and to ensure that the police in the State should
behave properly with the media so that the media can function freely to discharge
their duties for the benefit of the people and the State.

Prasanta Patnaik,
Subhas Chandra Pattanayak,
Sampad Mohapatra,
Rabi Das,
D.N. Singh,
Gopal Mohapatra,
Sudhir Patnaik.
Dwijen Padhi.

Boita Bandana Reminds the World of Orissa’s Super Nautical Past

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Post-independence politicians have reduced Orissa to a state of inanity. But there was time when Oriyas were the only people of India that had established their dominions abroad and were regarded as the most active seafaring community fetching immense profit from other parts of the globe through trade and commerce.

History speculates that Asoka had invaded Orissa (known then as Kalinga) for capturing her busy ports, though in reality he – a wicked man of Magadh engaged in empire building for the Vedic supremacists – had attacked this land of Buddha to desecrate his birthplace near the Dhauli Hill, as Buddhism. originating from Orissa, bearing the democratic character of her tribes and hence being the national religion of Oriya race, was till then the only obstacle to spread of Vedic autocracy. However, whatever be Asoka’s design, Buddhism spread from Orissa beyond the seas because of Orissa’s nautical excellence, the history admits.

In these pages focus is put on how Melaka was established by Oriya prince Hambira.

There are many instances of how different places beyond Mahodadhi (the sea of Orissa as then was known) were named after important places of Orissa as the Oriyas had established their domains there.

Just for an example, Dr. Nihar Ranjan Roy’s ‘Brahminical Gods in Burma’ may be looked at.

“The ancient name attributed to old Prome is Srikshetra, so often mentioned in the Mon records as Sikset or Srikset, and by the Chinese pilgrims as Si-li-cho-ta-lo; and Srikshetra is the holy land of Puri on the ancient Kalinga coast.” it notes.

“Likewise” it says, “the earliest colonization of the Malaya Peninsula and Java had probably been made from Kalinga, for the Hindus of the Peninsula and the islands were and are still known as Kling.”

Analyzing archaeological remains Dr. Roy says, “The two examples from Tholan, now housed in the Rangoon Mu- seum, are decidedly Indian in form and composition as also in execution, done no doubt locally by Indian artists or by artists trained under Indian masters. They seem to have very intimate artistic affinities with the most recent finds of Brahminical and Mahayanist divinities from Orissa by Rai Bahadur Ram Prasad Chanda, B.A., now housed in the Indian Museum.” – Ibid.

Malaysia was known as Kalinga, declares ‘The Age of Imperial Kanauja’, published by Vidya Bhavan at p.414.

These sample quotes make it clear that spread of Buddhism and Oriya culture beyond the country’s boundary had occurred during the nautical reign of Orissa. Oriya nation has not forgotten those splendid days.

This splendid soil has been ruined by the British invaders and the post-independence politicians that have plundered it of its wealth and resources. This was the soil that the British had not dared to desecrate with its filthy feet till rest of India had fallen to its bag. And this is the land that was the first to raise its swords to oust the British.

The British historian G. Tooynbee in his work ‘A Sketch of the History of Orissa’ notes, “It was not long long, however, before we had to encounter a storm which burst with so sudden furry that as to threaten our expulsion, if not from the whole of Orissa, at least from the territory of Khurda”. But in fact the British was threatened of expulsion from entire Orissa as people’s revolt in different corners of the land indicates. Knowing that the “disposition of the inhabitants of Orissa will always present formidable obstacle to the suppression of these disturbances either by military or police” (W.Forrester’s Report to Robert Kar, Para 18), the British had to withdraw its bloody stance and make treaty with the leader of the first freedom fight on the soil of Orissa, whereby it also earned recognition as the government. Once recognized as such, it divided Orissa into parts and annexed bifurcated parts to neighboring provinces in the name of administrative management where reduced to linguistic minorities, the Oriyas got ruined. Their lands were grabbed by non-Oriyas, their industry and commerce plundered. Their ports were killed, their ships and boats were destroyed.

Yet, the British had to admit, as E.Watson, 4th Judge, Calcutta Court of Circuit had wrote to W.B.Bayley, Secretary to Government in the Judicial Department on 3 May, 1817, “….the boats were by far the best that I ever saw in any part of India”.

People of Orissa led a prolonged peaceful fight against nasty neighbor conspiracies and succeeded in persuading the British to reconstitute their State on language basis and Orissa became the first linguistically formed province of India.

But after independence, unscrupulous political leaders, who had no sacrifice for reconstruction of Orissa, emerged as rulers and under their selfish reign, the land has been so weakened that the people are unable to revolt against all out loot going on by non-Oriyas in this regime.

Yet, the people have not forgotten their lost maritime. On the full-moon day of Kartika every year, as the rainy season ends, they celebrate Boita Bandana, floating toy ships and boats on water bodies nearest to their homes.

Sri Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak has captured for us the event celebrated at Bindu Sagara, the famous mega tank in old Bhubaneswar, on 21 November 2010. We are glad to place a few:

In the early morning, people arrive to blowing of conches and traditional fan fare.

Women consecrate the ceremonial boat and then the men representing the merchants of the past take over the charge.

and the women see them off.

Families including kids and the aged women participate actively in the Boita Bandana.

And Oriya race rests waiting for the next year to repeat the celebrations.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

On September 7,2004, in these pages, I had commented upon the mischief played against our democracy by certain media persons, under the caption: Free Press? Think Afresh.

I am happy, the first attempt I had made to focus on the mischief of mediacracy, is not lost. Alert journalists, howsoever marginal in number, are bringing out how mainstream media persons are piloting corruption in India.

Some of the recent attempts have exposed with documentary evidence how eminent journalist are acting as power brokers, political pimps, story planters and posts/position fixers. Open the link and form your own opinion.
Open also this. And this too.

Manmohan Singh and his team has pushed the country into doom where massive majority is perishing under unending poverty. True, there has risen the list of rich people. But, reports of CAG and CVC make it clear that the rise in the number of the rich is linked to looting of India under the new economic order Singh has ushered in.

Most of the political parties are combines of right viruses of the like of Singh, known for the epithet of left viruses he created for the opponents of his economic policy.

So majority of politicians, the right viruses, irrespective of different names and flags they use to identify their respective political entities, are one in looting the country and collaborating with the looters. Disinvestment during Vajpayee days or the unveiled felony in 2G Spectrum allocation under Manmohan Singh are speaking pointers to what extent the right viruses can eat away our national assets and damage our democracy.

Media was the last hope for survival of our sovereignty. Sadly, it is now so full of negotiators and lobbyists of the right viruses of all hue that one who belongs to journalism by profession and prides in his role as a journalist feels ashamed of being in the forth estate that has turned into a greasing ground of the black sheep.

It is time, thinking patriots must act to save the country from the right viruses and commission agents. Fight also against the black sheep in media is essential to save India.

Think, if you can, think for at least your future generations, please.

Annada Ray: An Obituary

Annada Ray: In Remembrance

CESCO Needs be Prosecuted by the State in Uma Ballav Case

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Former MLA Uma Ballav Rath, presently in BJP, is more known for his opposition to illegal allocation of several thousands of acres of land to a dubious private project styled the Vedanta University.

He is one of the persons that have exposed the Naveen Patnaik component of corruption in acquisition and allocation of the huge marine drive land to the commercial hub conceived by Anil Agrawal under cover of the so-called university oblivious of the reality that any such private business in that location would also be detrimental to the defense of the country.

The favor has been held illegal by the High Court of Orissa that has also issued a mandamus for return of the acquired land to original owners thereof. It is certainly very embarrassing to the Chief Minister.

In such an environment, a surprise raid on Rath’s house by CESCO to determine whether or not its electric meter was tampered with, is not a matter to be ignored by the civil society.

Therefore, when news spread that the CESCO authorities were trying to embarrass the Rath family when Uma Ballav was not present even in the town, members of the civil society rushed to his rescue and stopped the raid party from escaping till law takes note of the motivated mischief.

No male member of the family was present in the house when the CESO raided. The mother and the wife of Rath were the only ones that were present when the raid party stormed into the house.

Informed of this, Rath rushed back to his home and to his horror found that the meter had been broken by the CESCO raid party.

It was found that the raid party had no legal authority to force their unannounced entry into the house of Rath during his absence and to break the meter to the utter disadvantage of the house owner.

Rath has informed the Police of the mischief and declared to sue the CESCO as well as the persons concerned if the Police does not take immediate steps for prosecution against them.

CESCO did not do such surprise raid anywhere in the neighborhood the same day. It establishes that the raid on Rath’s house was deliberate and highhanded.

Penal action against this illegality is essentially a must to save civil society from conspiracy of administration.

The Spectrum Scam: Blacklist the Beneficiary Companies; Constitute Special Final Court to Recover the Loss

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

“The fact that there has been loss to the national exchequer in the allocation of 2G spectrum cannot be denied”, has said the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) in his ‘performance audit report’ that has shown how corrupt is the government run by Dr. Manmohan Singh.

“There is an imperative need to fix responsibility and enforce accountability for the lapses highlighted in the Audit Report” in order to ensure that “such lapses do not occur in any Ministry or Department of the Government” in future, the CAG has stressed.

The Prime Minister whose policy of globalization has pushed India into all such sorts of treachery and corruption has not done anything in this regard so far except cultivating the resignation of the minister concerned, who hailed from his ally DMK, under assurance given to the supremo thereof that any of his loyal dogs, as he would prefer, shall be included in the cabinet.

But resignation of the minister is not enough.

Prime Minister Singh must reveal as to what extent he himself is involved with the offence unveiled by the CAG. Handing over India’s spectrums to foreign players through ghost corridors and handing over the key to Tatas and Ambanis to loot the exchequer in telecom sector is such a crime against the country that it would never be natural to believe that it happened without knowledge/involvement of the PM.

In fact, the CAG has found that the PMO was well aware of the injurious transaction. THE CAG has noted that concerned minister had in a communication dated 2nd November 2007, confirmed to the Prime Minister that “the processing of applications was to be on the First Come First Served basis. However, audit found that DoT deviated even from the FCFS policy in letter and spirit”. This revelation confirms that Dr. Singh is in know of what was happening in the spectrum allocation matter. He therefore is required to explain his position.

The CAG has given details of loss committed to the country which being presumptive may also be much more than what the audit has calculated. There is no surprise in it. Mega scams have crippled India ever since Dr. Singh has desecrated the country with his economic policies. And the economic offenders are so united that Dr. Singh has so far succeeded in escaping law for all the harms done to India. This time also he may escape. Stonewalling of the Parliament by BJP over the issue is just an eye washing drama. History has witnessed how this party has enacted many such dramas in the Parliament in the past that ultimately has ended in protecting Manmohan Singh and the economic offenders.

As for instance, one may recall the motion it’s heavyweight in the 10th Lok Sabha Jaswant Singh had moved on illegalities centering the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in its first session.

Debates had exposed the dirty patronization given to this bank of terror funding and drug trafficking in which Singh’s role as Governor of the Reserve Bank as well as the Finance Minister of India was coming to light like never before. Singh had not been able to defend himself and the motion had put him to the worst of predicament. But, its mover, the BJP member, dramatically withdrew the motion, at the last moment. While withdrawing the motion Jaswant had said,

“In the chamber of the Speaker, …… the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and others and indeed the hon. Speaker said: why do you not concede to the fact that you would withdraw your motion at the end of the debate? So, I am bound by my word, and I seek the leave of the House to withdraw my motion”.

Obviously, behind back of the Lok Sabha, where the debate over his motion was going on, Jaswant had given word to the government to withdraw it at the end of the debate to render the entire debate inconsequential. BJP was a party to this drama. Therefore, the present protests of BJP over the spectrum issue cannot be taken seriously.

In the circumstances, people who love to see India free from plutocracy and its democracy revived, must demand for immediate resignation of Manmohan Singh and must not rest till he gets out.

People must demand for instant start of prosecution against all the IAS and Techno officers involved with the spectrum scam unveiled by CAG.

The CAG has clearly mentioned that the official functionaries have done everything to facilitate the scam.

“From a scrutiny of the records and information made available it appears that the High Powered Telecom Commission which also includes part time members from the Ministry of Finance, Industry, IT and Planning Commission was not apprised of the TRAI recommendations of August 2007 and hence, was not afforded an opportunity to deliberate on the merits of the TRAI recommendations. It is also seen that the High Powered Telecom Commission was not even consulted at the time of grant of 122 UAS licenses in 2008”.

The CAG further exposed how the functionaries have resorted to treachery against the country in executing the scam. The report notes,

It has also been revealed in the course of audit that the Ministry of Finance, in “November 2007, had questioned the sanctity of continuing with the price determined way back in 2001 without any indexation or current valuation. The Ministry had sought a review of the matter. This advice of the Ministry of Finance was overlooked by the DoT ostensibly on the basis of a four-year old Cabinet decision (October 2003) on the premise that it was authorized to calculate the entry fee for licenses as per the recommendations of TRAI in 2003. DoT maintained that ‘spectrum pricing was within the normal work carried out by them.’

Not only this, but also the advice of Ministry of Law and Justice were ignored. The report goes on to say,

“In October 2007 at its own initiative, the DoT requested the Ministry of Law and Justice to obtain and communicate the opinion of the Attorney General/Solicitor General of India to enable the DoT to handle an unprecedented rush of applications in a fair and equitable manner, which would be legally tenable. The Ministry of Law, at the level of the Hon’ble Minister, opined that in view of the importance of the case and the various options, which seem to have emerged, it was necessary that the whole issue be first considered by an Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) and in that process legal opinion of the Attorney General can be obtained. Surprisingly, this opinion, which the DoT had sought on its own volition, was felt to be ‘out of context’ at the level of the Hon’ble MoC&IT and hence the benefit of a discussion in the EGoM was also forgone. Thus, such important decisions seem to have been taken in DoT without the issues being deliberated and discussed at an inter-ministerial forum”.

All these instances and many more in the report unambiguously show that the top bureaucracy and technocracy under the DoT did not allow inter-ministerial forum to use collective wisdom in transaction of the spectrum, which has caused so massive financial loss to India.

Action against these functionaries is essentially urgent.

We know, Manmohan Singh shall try to save his skin by using the BJP as he had done in the past. But if he claims to be innocent, let him first blacklist the companies that have benefited from the scam. Let him disclose the names and position of the officers that have facilitated the scam. Let him initiate time bound criminal cases against them including the then Minister for the crime committed against the country and let him appoint a special court to recover the loss from the companies that have looted the exchequer. If the BJP and the other opposition parties that are harping on creation of a JPC to go through the scam are serious in their concern for the country, let them have the Parliament pass an instant law to constitute a special court with more than one judge to act as the final court for recovery of the loss of the exchequer from the spectrum beneficiaries.

The country is more important than the buccaneers in power.