Sad news for people of Tigiria

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Sad news for the people of Tigiria. Pandit Narayan Dash is no more.

He breathed his last on August 29 at the Aditya Care Hospital, Bhubaneswar while being treated for cardiac problems.

Born on 29th of July 1929 to Labanya Devi and Nrusingh Badapanda, Pandit Dash was one of the architects of modern education in the ex-princely state. His contribution in founding of P.M.Vidyapith would be remembered with reverence for ever in Tigiria.

He was my revered teacher in Sanskrit. But he was more than that. He had taught us all his students to be humanitarian, to be honest, to be fearless. He had taught us love for Plants, love for the Animals, love for Nature. He was our book beyond the books, he was our guide beyond limits of knowledge.

So simple but so great was Pandit Narayan Dash that it would be a rare fortune if in future one can meet a like of him.

Did Somnath Chatterjee Keep the Faith?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Former Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee’s book – Keeping the Faith: Memoirs of a Parliamentarian – was released on 21 August 2010 by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, to whom it is “an important contribution to our political history”.

But did he really keep the faith?

Documents available suggest that he did not. We shall have to recollect his conduct as the Speaker of Loksabha in context of the controversial act that he calls “keeping the faith” to see how he did not keep the faith.

In an INSIGHT BRIEFING report, the World Nuclear News had put on records the cardinal prerequisites for US-India nuclear deal. One of these cardinal prerequisites had made it a “must” for Indian Parliament to “agree to the text” of ‘Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006’, which is called the treaty for the Nuke deal. Chatterjee knew it. Even on April 23, 2008, Loksabha leader Pranab Mukherjee was on records to have said, “Parliament has the real authority to say yes or no to a treaty”. So, it was necessary for the Speaker to take a vote on the “text” of the treaty to ascertain exactly how many finally said “yes” and how many finally said “no” to the “text” of the treaty. But the “text” was not circulated to the members and the House did never debate on the “text” of the same. Chatterjee as the Speaker rendered this prerequisite role of Parliament in the Loksabha inconsequential by taking “sense” of the House that benefited the USA to the total disadvantage of the unprivileged tax payers of India.

Could it ever be considered “keeping the faith?”

Political History of free India will never forget to record this conduct of Chatterjee as a breech of faith, a misuse of parliamentary power and a treachery against Indian democracy, if he fails to justify as to why he did not conduct the Loksabha into debate on the “text” of the treaty and to agree to that “text”, which was a “must” necessity.

As regards the conscience aspect, much ahead of publication of his book, we had a discussion in these pages on 13 November 2008 that was captioned: Somnath Chatterjee: Individual Versus Collective Conscience. The same is yet relevant. We have no hesitation in saying that his harping on conscience in his released venture, besides being a method of self-glorification, is a ploy to mislead the people.

The book has been released at a time when diversion of public attention from the real cause of the Communists’ objection to Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, hereinafter called the Liability Bill, was essential for the Americans as well as for Prime Minister Singh.

Singh is determined to ensure that American suppliers of rotten reactors are saved from liabilities in case of radiation. The original draft of the Liability Bill is suggestive of this.

Left’s vehement objection to this evil design had forced the cabinet to review the Bill and BJP, which was the first to collaborate with the US design when Vajpayee was the PM, had agreed to support the Bill after a drama of demand for shifting of liability limits.

Only the Left had been harping on scrapping of cap on liability.

The Bill aims at making Indian Exchequer pay for damage done by any Reactor beyond certain amount that the operator would initially bear.

Left wants the suppliers and operators of the Reactors to bear the cost of damage, not the people of India.

The Left has always opposed the evil design of Singh in forcing India into the poisonous labyrinth of nuke deal with America and this was the basis of the rift between the Congress and the Left, not the Communists’ king-maker-ego as Chatterjee has alleged.

Singh knows that the Left stand was too strong to overcome and hence a new occasion was needed for him to divert public attention from the Left’s principled opposition to the Liability Bill. Chatterjee provided him with the same.

His speech on the occasion was concentrated on blackening the left in the matter of the nuke deal when he was chairing the Loksabha.

Prakash Karat and his comrades posing as “king makers” were sure of death of the nuke deal as Singh was dependent on them to survive in power; but as the later went ahead with the deal, Karat took it as an “insult” that led to withdrawal of left support from the government, Chatterjee has said while maintaining that the CPI (M) wanted him to resign, but he refused to oblige on conscience ground so that the faith of the nation in the Speaker could be kept.

One, who has watched Chatterjee’s sagacious participation in the debates as a member of the Parliament would certainly be shocked to see such a misleading statement emanating from the veteran Marxist. The nation has seen how principled and appropriate the steps of the Left against the nuke deal were.

The Scenario Then Prevalent

Bush administration was in utmost predicament over alarming accumulation of nuclear waste, reprocessing of which was harmful. Since 1977, as a matter of policy, USA had forbidden reprocessing of used fuel and was treating it all as high-level waste, the final disposal of which in a deep geological repository was the government’s responsibility.

The utilities were storing their used fuel on their respective sites awaiting the Federal Department of Energy for final disposal in a geological repository; but such a repository was not available as a result of which the DoE defaulted on its 1998 deadline to start accepting used fuel, which was putting pressure on storage space at some power plants.

By early 2004, some 50,000 tones of civil used fuel and about 8000 tones of government used fuel and 4667 tones of separated high-level wastes from 126 sites in 39 US states was awaiting disposal.

Emission of CO2 from energy use at 5.9 billion tones in 2005 alone had drowned the people in such tension that the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) had to contrive ways to assuage their apprehension by going to the extent of branding US Congress’ setting of repository capacity at Yucca Mountain as “arbitrary”. The US Congress had, in 1982, set the repository capacity here at 70,000 tones. But the EPRI claimed that at least 286,000 tones and possibly 628,000 tones of used fuel and high-level wastes could be reposed there. This repository was envisaged to operate from 2010.

Thus the US government was not able to dispose of the used fuel/nuclear waste and the people were deeply tensed.

On the other hand, most of the reactors had crossed their normal life of 40 years. A few of them, such as Fort St Vrain, Big Rock Point and Shoreham had been totally dismantled to release the site for unrestricted use and many others were in various stages of dismantling. USA was getting only 19% of its energy from nuclear Reactors as against 55% from thermal plants, 19% from gas plants and 7% from hydro plants. She was in dire need of more generation from the nuclear Reactors and therefore replacement of the old Reactors by New Generation Reactors was essential. But dismantling and / or safe storing of the old rotten Reactors was not the solution. Solution lies in total disposal. Therefore Bush administration was eager to export away the old Reactors and nuclear wastes and used fuels to trapped countries so that the old sites could be available for New Generation Reactors when the USA traders would bag a “bonanza” by way of export. The then PM Atal Behari Vajpayee had come near the trap; but after the people threw him out of Power, it was easy for USA to trap India through Prime Minister Singh.

It was correctly considered a curse for India by the Communists.

Political history of India would certainly take into accounts the role the Left had played vis-à-vis the conspiracy the Congress had indulged in and then the conduct of Chatterjee as the Speaker in matter of the nuke deal in the Loksabha would come out of the eclipse of wordy acrobatics that his released book has reason to be noted for.

India A Victim of Betrayal

Now India stands a victim of betrayal. The Liability Bill has been adopted by the Loksabha even as the people of the country have not known of details of the Reactors to be commissioned and fuels/ wastes to be used and have not been given any opportunity to apply their mind to the capping of the suppliers/traders’ liability, when it is they, who would die and suffer the damage in case of any accident.

The Parliament as well as the people are kept in dark about the Reactors and fuels to be imported from USA when that country’s interest lies in disposal through export of the rotten and over-lived old-generation Reactors and fuels, which the USA, despite having banned reprocessing of since 1977, is yet unable to finally dispose of due to unavailability of geological repository.

If these rotten Reactors and dangerous wastes are used in India, there is every possibility of serious radiation and consequent mass destruction. Hence protecting the suppliers from liability and capping liability of the operators was essential in American interest. And, for this, the Liability bill was unavoidably a must for benefit of the shady dealers. The left parties’ opposition to this foul play was sure to put hurdles on the design of the USA lobbyists.

Hence two strategies were adopted to overcome the left opposition. Firstly, the country was to be aggressively misled.

Chatterjees book and launching thereof by the Prime Minister in company of Sonia et al whose only concentration was on convincing the public that the Left opposition to the nuke deal was anti-progress because India needs the Reactors for power generation, read in the light of the timing that preceded the Parliament’s business on the Liability bill, makes one understand the first strategy.

And, the second strategy was to mesmerize the MPs by manifold rise in their salaries and allowances to such extent that psychologically they should be inclined to cooperate with the Government.

As we watched, MPs did not mind if they were not to express their minds or were restricted to express their minds in a minute or two on the Bill that was designed to affect India for all time to come. None of the non-left MPs preferred a referendum when all of them knew that the people of India shall have to bear the burden of damage that the imported reactors and used fuels may at anytime cause.

No wonder the principled voice of the left has been lost and the Liability Bill has been passed in the Loksabha.

This bad day would not have come if Chatterjee had kept the faith bestowed upon the Speaker. He was empowered to direct the House to agree to the “text” of the treaty which he failed.

Despite the book, he is yet to explain his position.

Wildlife Society of Orissa Refutes Vedanta’s Environment Claim

Prasanta Patnaik

The Wildlife Society of Orissa (WSO) has strongly refuted the claim of Vedanta that there “has been no regulatory violations of any kind at the Lanjigarh Alumina Refinery.” The Company obviously believes in the Goebbelesian theory that if it always falsely claims that it is not guilty, people will swallow the lie.

In a statement, its Secretary Biswajit Mohanty, alleged on 25th August,2010 that the company is a habitual offender in Orissa and is guilty of violating the environmental laws since construction started much before environmental clearance was obtained by the company in September,2004.

The Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Pattnaik had inaugurated the Refinery much before the company procured environmental clearance. This reveals the deep support being extended to Vedanta by the highest functionary of the state.

WSO had filed the first PIL before the CEC on 6.11.2004 pointing out the violations by the Lanjigarh refinery unit. The first fact finding committee (Chaddha and Sharma committee ) sent by the CEC in December, 2004 noticed several violations of forest laws by the Lanjigarh plant. Gramya jungle was illegally enclosed by the factory for which the company had not even filed any application for forest clearance.

Though the Niyamgiri mine has not been opened up, the fact remains that they have widened a narrow forest track leading from Lanjigarh to Niyamgiri hill top and made it vehicle worthy though they did not have the MOEF’s clearance to fell trees and widen such a road. They also built the conveyor belt over a patch of forest land and hav illegally enclosed a village forest rights over which has been claimed by local villagers under FRA . These violations are well documented by Saxena report.

Though the guidelines issued under the Forest Conservation Act,1980 clearly specify that a project has be applied for in entirety and not split into parts, they deliberately broke up the project into the refinery and mines separately and first got the refinery cleared. This was done and construction started so that the MOEF would be presented with a fait accompli that the mines have to be cleared since the Company ha already spent Rs.5,000 crores on the refinery.

Though the MOU signed with the Orissa govt. mandated supply of 150 million tones of bauxite, how could they start the refinery without being assured of a single tonne of bauxite from any mine in Orissa? It was disastrous to run a huge refinery of 1 million tonne capacity ferrying bauxite from far off mines in Chattisgarh which has already destroyed the roads of Kalahandi district. Conniving district or pollution control board officials never stopped them from doing so.

The state government connived with the company to propose diversion of forest land in a Schedule V area which can only be done if all tribal inhabitants fully agree in a Gram sabha. Besides, no forest land can be diverted in a Schedule V area for industry or mines as per guidelines of the Forest Conservation Act,1980. This provision was made to protect the livelihoods of tribals who are heavily dependent upon forests.

There was nothing in the Supreme Court orders to prevent the MOEF or its expert bodies like the FAC or expert committees from exercising their lawful powers and discharge their responsibility to examine the impact of mining on the Niyamgiri forests. The Solicitor General of India had also given his clear go ahead to a specific query by the Ministry about this

It is indeed wise that no new refinery to be set up in Orissa since the last 25 years. Almost the entire aluminum to be produced by Vedanta would be exported as the country is self sufficient in aluminum.

Orissa does not have to rush to finish our meager bauxite reserves of 1,600 million tones within 20 – 25 years and leave nothing for the future. Vedanta by expanding to 6 million tones per annum alumina would now need almost 450 million tones or almost 1/3rd of the Orissa deposits over the next 25 years.

Though the company claims to have employed 10,000 people, the project report says that less than 500 people would find employment. Most people might be employed in the construction of the expansion project, which will finish in 2-3 years time after which they will be jobless.

The local police and district administration have become tools of he company and have unleashed repression on the innocent tribals of Niyamgiri who have been protesting this project in a lawful and democratic manner. The Company has subverted the state’s administration and even persuaded the officials to issue false certificates and file wrong information with the central government in order to obtain clearances. These are the startling findings of the Saxena report.

The Polluter Needs be Kicked Out: It Has Started Polluting Even the Press

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In these pages, Anil Agrawal’s design to have a “commercial hub” on the most sensitive sea shore near Puri in the guise of a so-called world class university has been earlier exposed. The Orissa Lokpal has expressed shock over rape of laws by the State Government in acting Agrawal’s acolyte in grabbing his desired land and has wanted action against the politico-bureaucratic pimps because of whom the laws are so raped.

But it is more shocking to see that a major newspaper of Orissa – Sambad – has used its pages to brainwash the people that are opposing allocation of land at Puri to Agrawal for his commercial hub styled Vedenta University.

The nefarious design is given a news shape that goes on to say that continuous opposition to allocation of the Puri land to Vedanta University has put its shift to Andhra Pradesh on motion. It has tried to mislead the people of Orissa by saying that Andhra Chief Minister has offered 4000 acres of land anywhere Agrawal prefers in the province as his State needs the world class university.

How media organizations are acting as facilitators of plutocracy by spreading “paid news” is not new to our observation. In these pages, we have shown how mediacracy has become dangerous to democracy. Much after we exposed the syndrome, Press Council of India had recently resolved to have a study on it. But, the pimps are so powerful that it had to suppress its own finding on “paid news”.

So, “paid news” is increasingly being used as “news” to mislead the general public by miscreants, politicians, power mongers, land grabbers, mines looters and all sorts of economic offenders.

Against this backdrop, the Sambad news referred to supra is not surprising. But it is certainly shocking as the paper, so far seen as a dedicated carrier of indigenous interests of Orissa, has indulged in serving the interest of a concern that has corrupted Orissa administration to bag benefits at the cost of indigenous people.

The shady operator has a few contact killers that are trying to kill Oriya conscience from foreign soil in the name of world class university even though the said term has not been defined in the Act formulated/framed by Navin Patnaik Government for the Vedanta University so far. Sambad, inadvertently or willfully, has joined the club of the conscience killers.

It has forgotten that the ultimate beneficiary of its new campaign is a polluter that has ruined Bansadhara and her river-system. It has severely jeopardized the unique eco-system of Niyamagiri. It has already pushed lakhs of indigenous Oriyas into the labyrinth of slow poison emitted from its alumina refinery in Lanjigarh. And, it has corrupted the administration to bag benefits and is being opposed to by massive majority of the Oriyas.

From amongst the entire population of Oriyas, only a couple of persons are supporting Vedanta. If Sambad has failed to see this reality, it is perhaps for the pollution that the Press in Orissa has been subjected to by this purchaser of elite support.

In interest of Orissa, notwithstanding what its campaigners say, natural resources of Orissa need be saved from its avarice and people of Orissa need be saved from exploitative conspiracy and Press of Orissa need be saved from being gained over to mislead the people and hence the polluter needs be kicked out.

Swine Flu Swab Tests are Stage-Managed: Epidemic Spreads

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Abhinash Pradhan of Nuagaon village under Satpada block in Puri district was hospitalized for severe cold and fever on August 13. As swine flu is being reported from various parts of the State, his swab was sent for examination to Regional Medical Research Center (RMRC). It was found that he was not afflicted with the virus. But, when discharged from the hospital after cure of the fever, his villagers did not accept him for about three days lest his presence spreads the disease.

This is an instance of fear psychosis over swine flu as the State Government has failed to generate confidence in its approach to the disease.

The functionaries including the Health Minister are claiming that there is no necessity of taking preventives. But every top official including the Ministers and the Chief Minister has taken preventive doses in their offices in presence of their respective staff without bothering for how psychologically it might be affecting them, when they were not privileged to be administered with preventives due to paucity of its supply. Government has been spreading through Television channels that youngsters below 18 and elders beyond 56 should not take swine flu preventives and others must obtain approval of the doctors before taking a preventive dose because the same is dangerous if taken sans determination of medical fitness. This is generating mass confusion besides reducing confidence in the available preventives.

Till date swine flu has taken a toll of nine lives even as 162 have been hospitalized. Out of them, 58 have tested positive and 25 have been discharged cured from the hospitals.

The RMRC is the organization that tests the swabs. Samples from all over Orissa come to its lab at Bhubaneswar and its report guides the treatment. But the reports are not dependable, as there is neither any microbiologist nor virologist under the RMRC who could be really relied upon in locating the deadly virus. Its Director S. K. Kar belongs to the area of Parasitology whereas other scientists are in the areas of Entomology, Anthropology (Medical), Immunology, Internal Medicine, Zoology and Paediatrics. But it has no Microbiologist, no Virologist. Hence it has no scientist specially qualified in matters of viruses specifically of swine flu.

In the circumstances, its reports on swine flu swabs are stage-managed and people are thus left to the mercy of their fates.

The government is perniciously playing with the lives of the people by shifting the responsibility of swab testing to RMRC even though there is no qualified scientist in that establishment to correctly test the swabs and locate the virus.

Life is definitely not safe in the hands of the incumbent Government.

An Unsolved Question: Who Shall Answer First, the PM or the CM?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Orissa Chief Minister Navin Patnaik belong to two categories.

The former carries instructions, the later issues instructions.

In the Congress party, Singh acts according to wishes of the boss Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul, whom puppet media has nicknamed ‘Prince’ and in the Loksabha, not he, but Pranab Mukherjee is the leader whereas Navin himself is the Supremo of BJD, both in organization and in the legislative wings.

But despite this striking difference, they are of one type.

They are politicians in power to whom foreigners’ interest is more important than that of the natives and they are one against the aggressive voice of the aggrieved countrymen.

To both of them Naxals are the main obstacles to development of their design. We have earlier discussed how both of them stress upon Naxal elimination. But where to their brand of development has taken Mother India?

This is the picture of Shantilata Munda, wife of Giridhari Munda with the girl child Parbati in her lap whom she had given birth to two months ago. She belongs to Karanjia in the District of Mayurbhanj. Perishing under unemployment as his native place has been reduced to a patch of poverty during the last decade, poor Giridhari went to Bhadrak a year ago with his wife and six children in search of livelihood as a domestic help and as the new place could not provide him daily wages, he shifted a few days ago to Vyasanagar in a hope against hope that the busy place may have any job for him. But no job was readily available.

Inability to feed the children was having its worst effect on the youngest Parbati, aged only two months. To save her from starvation death and to have a little money to save her other children for a few more days till at least any avenues were available for daily wages, she decided to sell her away.

Even as retreat had not taken place after the flag hoisting on Independence Day, 2010, Shantilata sold her baby to a rickshaw puller at Rs.150/- suppressing sobs of a helpless mother.

The news spread and the local Police rescued (that is what they say) the baby from the purchaser and the Tahsildar of Dangadi brought the baby to her mother on August 17.

Her suppressed sobs gushed out to tears dropping down from every witnessing eye; but Shantilata asked, “Why have you brought her to me? How can I save her life?” The Tahsildar could not find any words to answer her crying question.

Now who shall answer this unsolved question first: Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh or Orissa Chief Minister Navin Patnaik who could use the Freedom Day podiums so shamelessly to brag about their brand of development oblivious of how Mother India was crying when Shantilata was suppressing her sobs while selling away her baby of only two months for only one hundred and fifty rupees?

Freedom Day Homilies and Where to Go from Here

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The day that we call our Independence Day is over. The nation has heard the President on the eve of Independence Day and the Prime Minister as he unfurled the National Flag on August 15. We in Orissa have also heard the Chief Minister on this occasion. Each of them has stressed on a single point that the Naxalites shall be dealt with firmly as they pose the toughest challenge to their administration.

“We will deal firmly with those who resort to violence. I once again appeal to Naxalites to abjure violence, come to talks with Government and join hands with us to accelerate social and economic development,” the PM has said addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Chief Minister Navin Patnaik, unfurling the Tricolour at Bhubaneswar has declared that the Naxals “will not be allowed” to hinder development. So to both of these leaders, the Naxals are the only obstacle to their brand of development.

Both of these leaders delivered their speeches amid tight security.

Security was for them, not for the general public.

So they know, the development they have prioritized is so anti-people that amidst the general public they need tight security to deliver even the customary Freedom Day speech.

The Naxals, the only obstacle to the development as both of these leaders define, are, as such, admittedly against the anti-people activities of administration. Therefore, they know, despite ruthlessly repressive measures taken against the Naxals, they are enjoying public support and expanding their organization. The PM knows this. He knows that in the States where the State Governments are corrupt and exploitative and distinctly anti-people like that of Orissa, it would be impossible to defeat the Naxals. So, in his speech, he has admitted, “It would be very difficult for any State to tackle this problem without cooperation from the Centre and coordination between States.” But various States are also grabbed by equally anti-people but politically anti-Congress parties. Therefore the PM has argued, “We all need to rise above our personal and political interests to meet this challenge.”

The President has also put her emphasis on end of Naxalism. “The proponents of extreme ideologies and the followers of Left Wing Extremism must abandon their path of violence. I call on them to join national efforts for growth and development,” she has said.

The British was raising such allegations against our freedom fighters and using exactly such homilies to hide its own bloody design behind soft words. It was torturing them, questioning their patriotism, prosecuting them, killing them in false encounters, incarcerating them, deporting them out of their motherland, displacing them from their soil, confiscating their properties and always was claiming that its aim was development of India to which the freedom fighters were the hurdles. In British parlance, Indian revolutionaries were violating the rule of law.

The leaders who have no qualm in handing over India to foreign traders are now using against the Naxals the same words that the British was using against our freedom fighters. This distinguishes the Naxals from the present pack of rulers of India.

As is clear from the PM’s and Orissa CM’s speeches quoted supra, their brand of development is being opposed to by only the Naxals. On the other hand, as the President has inadvertently admitted, this brand of development has been killing India.

The President, in her speech, has rued, “Strong family bonds are weakening. Social consciousness is on the decline.”

So, the brand of development the PM and Orissa CM espouse has ruined our society so much that our family bond and social consciousness are in the process of slow death.

History has witnessed and political science admits that such degradation occurs only under the grip of pernicious capitalism. And the President who is known for her bond with her family is certainly worried over this injury to the spirit of India.

Her speech is a soft but sure disagreement with the Central Government’s brutal plan to exterminate the Naxals by use of arms and the Army. The British was executing such plans against our freedom fighters.

Therefore, our President has said, instead of oppression, solution lies in conciliation.

In her opinion, “It requires a spirit of conciliation. This is possible when dialogue is chosen as the channel for communication. By listening to each other, respecting each other’s viewpoint and understanding one another, we can address issues before us,” she has emphasized. Given the wont of the PM, this particular portion of her speech must be her own, composed on her own wisdom. It requires serious attention, in reality.

In the recent meeting with CMs of the Naxal-hit States, the PM had advanced an agenda, which the Orissa CM has also reflected in his Independence Day speech that accepts that the rural segment must be developed at par with industrial growth for progress of all, though he does not say that progress of the tiger is progress of the deer.

However, his is a veiled confession that his government has so far neglected the rural segment that has provoked Naxals emerge as the aggressive voice of the aggrieved.

And this aggressive voice of the aggrieved has become so resounding that the entire emphasis in the Freedom Day speeches of the leaders of the governments of the day was laid on instigating the countrymen only against the Naxals exactly as the British was using its entire tact against our freedom fighters till forced to succumb to their patriotism.

The right viruses (PM Man Mohan Singh had called the Communists as ‘left viruses’) should better refrain from braggadocios over development and pay attention to what the President has said despite disapproval of violence. India can be revived if they hear the President’s advice.

If instead of oppressive treatment to the Naxals, the rulers put priority on conciliation and agree that not the bullets from the sky as the union home minister has said, but “dialogue as the channel for communication” as the President has emphasized, is “chosen” as the way, then the scenario may change and take a turn towards the cherished democracy.

If they agree, they are firstly to put a shilling on accumulation of wealth in private hands as there is a shilling on lands and secondly to stop industrialists diverting the profit they fetch from India to establish their industries abroad.

If this is done, it may save our people from denudation of their assets and usher in new version of freedom that would free people from every economic menace leaving no room for Naxals to grow in the way they have grown.

The sooner it is done the better. The President has aptly said, “Today is the best opportunity when ground-breaking achievements along with a moral and ethical renaissance can take place.”

Will the servers of foreign firms’ interests that have taken over the country and their associates in Indian politics pay heed to what the President has so softly but so surely said?

Swine Flu and Orissa Branch of Red Cross

In a press note Orissa branch of the Indian Red Cross Society has informed about its role in tackling Swine flu that by August 16 has taken a toll of 9 lives despite treatment.

In supplementing Orissa official efforts to control the epidemic, this branch of IRCS has done its best to sensitize the public and has contributed to creating awareness in schools, colleges and amongst the public about H1N1 in a bid to lessen the spreading panic.

When with the cooperation of the Union Minister of State, Chemicals and Fertilizers, it procured good quantity of single layered N- 95 face masks and supplied them to general public at a fairly reasonable price, with the support of the State health Minister, it could also mobilize the H1N1 preventive vaccine and helped vaccinate the public at a very reasonable charge of Rs. 350/- per vaccine. Both these programs were carried through its popular Jan Aushadhi initiative.

This initiative was not only appreciated but also encouraged by the general public through their overwhelming participation.

Torture in Box Junction: Inspector-in-Charge Disobeyed the DCP, Police Commissioner Apologized

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Aravinda Mohapatra, cameraman of The Pioneer, Bhubaneswar, allegedly touched the zebra cross on traffic intersection at AG Square at about 12.30 pm on August 14. If he thereby contravened the traffic laws, Police was entitled to prosecute him as laws permit. But he was physically brutalized on the spot before the general public.

Satyendra Kumar Biswal, a traffic constable, thrashed him and as Mahapatra protested, he snatched away his helmet and huffishly used it as a hammer causing excruciating pain all over his body.

As Mohapatra was following another traffic constable to the nearby Traffic Police Station, Biswal charged him from behind and gave such a brutal blow with the snatched away helmet on the left side of his head above the ear that blood oozed out in the right side ear and in its impact a vein from below the right ear to the lower chin was swollen as if it was going to burst.

Public outcry on the spot made the traffic officers whisk away Mahapatra from their Station to the Capital Police Station where two things openly occurred. One, Mahapatra filed a formal FIR and two, on receipt of the same, Capital PS sent him to Capital Hospital for urgent medical examination of his injuries and required treatment and report.

As the news reached the media fraternity many of Bhubaneswar based journalists including available members of MUFP Presidium Prasanta Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak rushed to the Capital PS. Soon DCP Himansu Lal arrived.

He went through the the FIR and asked the P.S. Inspector-in-charge (IIC) to acknowledge receipt thereof on the body of Mohapatra’s personal copy. And, then as he watched the bleeding injury on the head, he ordered for his reexamination by the neuro-surgery specialist of the Capital Hospital which was done. He told the media persons present there that the concerned constable has already been suspended and within half an hour he shall be forwarded to the court for the offense he has perpetrated. And in presence of MUFP functionaries and members of media fraternity, he gave oral orders to the IIC of Capital PS to arrest Biswal and forward him to the court within half-an-hour.

The DCP’s orders were just and justice seemed to have been given to the affected news-photographer. All of the scribes and photo journalist present in the PS were quite satisfied with the orders of the DCP and left the PS at about 3 pm sans any more grievance.

But in the evening it transpired that the concerned IIC had disobeyed the orders of the DCP and the miscreant constable had neither been arrested nor forwarded to the Court.

On the other hand, the affected news-photographer was informed that he would be subjected to a counter case if he insists on action against the constable. It had its intimidating effect. Mohapatra, already in shock and injured, was deeply affected by the alarming words.

This led to an impromptu decision of emotionally affected media persons to stay away from Freedom Day events in protest against the obnoxious words used against media community by the miscreant constable over and above his protected brutality.

This decision sent shock waves into the nerves of administration and all out attempts were made to fizzle out the protest.

Police Commissioner B.K.Sharma came down to the Traffic PS and begged apology for the offenses committed by the constable and appealed to the Press to keep up their cooperation on Freedom Day.

And the Press behaved as magnanimously as was expected.

The tormenting tension ended at 8 in the evening; but the question remains as to whether it was a police revolt against the just orders of the DCP that necessitated the Commissioner’s coming down to the Traffic PS to somewhat bury the hatchet?

People of Orissa Defeat BJP Design, Throng into Theaters to See Swayamsiddha

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

What the High Court would say on Swayamsiddha is not defining the relevance of the film at the moment, as people of Orissa are astir in celebrating their victory over the BJP evil design to keep it away from their view.

In BJP perception, the film glorifies left wing activism when its producer says, despite depiction of exploitation that the left activists work to exterminate, the film is aimed at ushering the ultras into political mainstream by way of initiating them back into peaceful coexistence.

The BJP had used three methods to obstruct screening of the film. Through one of its youth wing activist, it had filed a writ petition in the High Court seeking a ban on release of the film. When the Court had refused to issue the writ before ascertaining how far Jena’s apprehensions that the film will encourage violence was real, the youth wing of the party met Governor M.C.Bhandare seeking ban on screening of the film and on August 12, they had forced the Halls scheduled to screen the film to close.

In admitting the case referred to above, the High court had constituted a committee to see and study the film and report on whether or not it patronizes to Maoist ideology. The Committee viewed the screening on August 12 and the Court is to pass its verdict after perusing the report.

But the people of Orissa have not waited for what the court would say. On August 13 they have encouraged the theaters to play the film and House-full scenario in every hall that screened the film has greeted their enjoying the defeat of BJP design.

Most of the viewers are of the clear opinion that the Sidhant Mohapatra-Yukta starer is a high caliber creative attempt to show how the dreams of the people have been shattered under administration run by the pro-rich usurpers of power and how harmful are the right viruses to health of the country. This is a perfect gift of our artists to the people in the month of our freedom, now frustrated but eager to resurrect, they feel.