The festival of Goddess Durga as is being celebrated through worship of earthen images on streets and market corners in India is in reality aimed at killing the cult of Durga.

Orissa’s mainstream broadsheet Dharitri had carried this observation of Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak fifteen years ago on 1 October 1995.

SCP’s unique analysis being even more relevant today, here we reproduce the same in interest of general public.

Evolution of Buddha as Sri Jagannatha From Orissa’s Matriarch Concept

By Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Buddha, in his birthplace Orissa, is worshiped in the form of Sri Jagannatha and Sri Jagannatha is evolved from Jaganta -Jaganmata of Orissa’s agro-tribes.

On occasion of the festival of Jaganmata Durga, this article in Oriya, addressed to the Oriyas of the world, is meant to convey how had come this metamorphosis.

Police Frames up Scribe: Chief Minister Orders For Probe

(A Note from noted Journalist Prasanta Patnaik)

Bhubaneswar, Sept. 22, 2009: Chief minister Naveen Patnaik today ordered a DIG-level probe into the arrest of journalist Laxman Choudhury by the Gajapti police on Sunday on charges of waging war against the State, and assured the delegation of journalists to ensure that justice will be done to Sri Chaudhury, at the earliest.

Choudhury, a reporter with Oriya daily Sambad in Mohana area of Gajapti district, was arrested along with a bus conductor on September 20 on allegations that a packet containing eight pieces Maoist leaflets , addressed to him was recovered from a bus conductor. Instead of locating the source from which the packet was dispatched, the police has falsely alleged that Shri Cahudhury had links with the Maoists and have booked him under criminal charges for waging war against the Government, sedition, criminal conspiracy, assisting Maoist activities.

Chief minister Naveen Patnaik was visibly displeased and expressed his disagreement with the stand of the police on the arrested journalist. “It is ridiculous. Isn’t it,” he said when told about the charges against the arrested journalist. “We live in a free society. We live in a democracy. The press is a part of democracy,” he told the group of journalists led by senior journalist Prasant Patnaik at his office chamber in State Secretariat this afternoon.

On suggestions from his principal secretary that the deputy inspector general of police can probe the matter, Naveen directed that the matter be inquired as soon as possible.

The chief minister said he was reminded of his father who was jailed for 3 years during the freedom movement. “We are an independent country. Are n’t we,” he said.

Senior journalist Sampad Mohapatra of ND Tv, Ramesh Chandra Mohanty, Prasanna Mohanty, Secretary, National Union of Journalists and Debabrata Mohanty of New Indian Express were in the team of scribes who met and discussed with the Chief Minister and urged him to release Sri Laxman Chaudhury immediately and not to deal with any journalist in such disgraceful manner.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The austerity farce being staged by the ruling “holy cows” has come to be looked at with curiosity as the Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor, untrained obviously in Congress hypocrisy, has, on Wednesday, failed to remain tamed in carrying out instructions sans reaction.

Asked while social networking as to what class of travel should he prefer to fly into his constituency, his reply was, “Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows.”

Taking into consideration the class of the fellows that constitute the so-called Indian National Congress, Tharoor’s statement is not at all unbecoming of him. But he is yet to know that the Congress is not a political party as a party should be, but a mere club of holy cow’s sycophants, where birds of the same feathers are “appointed” to flock together in service of the holy cow. In this club, Tharoor’s mention of “holy cows” is bound to be viewed by the sycophants as an insult to their most insulated object of sycophancy that not only emits the aura of power but also is the only cow that controls the power without being in power.

No wonder, AICC Spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan has told reporters in New Delhi, “We do not approve of this articulation”.

Wait. She has said no less than saying, “We condemn it”.

What the Prime Minister shall now do with Tharoor? Will the affront against the holy cow go sloughed over? Whither the congress is to go?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Why shouldn’t justice look justified, wonders one watching the cries of Narayan Patra, a senior citizen of Bhubaneswar over what he believes to be apparent protection of murderers of his daughter Kalyani in the High Court of Orissa.

Kalyani’s husband Atmaram Sahu kas been convicted with life imprisonment for the murder by the concerned Sessions Judge against which he has come in appeal to the High court. The said Sessions Court has acquitted mother and two sisters of Atmaram even as the mother has been convicted under the Dowry Prevention Act with one-year rigorous imprisonment and fine. Prosecution has preferred an appeal before the High Court against the acquittal of the three ladies from murder charges and is also challenging the appeal preferred by Atmaram against his conviction. Patra has preferred a Criminal Revision case also in the High court against the acquittal of the ladies.

Patra has not engaged any lawyer to represent him in the Court whereas the accused side is being served by ex-M.P. Brahmanand Panda, who is trying to convince the court that the death of Kalyani was not homicidal but was suicidal. Notwithstanding the stand taken by the government pleader, Patra is aggressively eager to establish the murder. His grievance is that the Judge, hearing the case, has not paid him the ear expected in hearing an aggrieved person when the said person is neither educated in Law nor is a practicing lawyer.

He has bitter experience of lackadaisical treatment to the matter in the High Court when in the past, bails were granted to the accused group in installments in total oblivion of charges framed under section 302. As a father of a deceased daughter, held “murdered” in the sessions court, he is emotionally affected as the entire group involved with the murder is not yet punished.

To him, justice does not seem to be so, so far.

Aggrieved by being stymied in placing his points in the Court that was hearing his case, he has expressed his apprehension that justice may get derailed if the judge is not changed.

He has put his grievances on records in writing and through affidavit.

Even as the words he has used should sure have been avoided, to us it occurs that if such an environment would have been there where justice should have been seen justified, Patra could have not written what he has written.

Patra’s case prods us to say that it best be treated with judicial introspection.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

For loot of Orissa mines, the Government of Orissa has suspended the Director of Mines, Rabindra Narayan Sahoo on September 16. But the delay in taking this minimum necessary action is so inordinate that the Vigilance Police, involved with the action, would do better to clarify as to who had protected Sahu so far from suspension.

The peoples of Orissa should immediately be informed as to whether Sahu is suspended from service or from office; because the notification in this matter is silent about the nature of suspension and unless clarifications issued, it would lead to suspect that the so-called suspension is mere choreography of administrative acrobatics aimed at hoodwinking the general public.

Sahu must be made to disclose why had he gone underground abandoning his office and where had he been during the period preceding the de facto bail granted to him by the High Court of Orissa. This will help peoples know who is his godfather in Orissa Government that gave him such cooperation in evading arrest that was then the minimum necessity to show that the Law was mightier than the miscreants.

In Sahu’s case it is clear that the Law was derailed.

It is also clear that he was allowed by the state government to join office on return from the under ground and to control the office during the most crucial period when relevant official records there were most needed to be saved from tampering.

Had he not been acting under direction of some one very high in administration to facilitate the loot of Orissa mines, the protection and patronage he has so far enjoyed should never have been available to him.

Let him be made to tell the truth. Let the loot be termed as treason against the State and merciless action against him be initiated if he does not divulge the name of the behind the curtain director of the loot, as obviously there is one, who has used his high office against turbulent times to keep him safe from the grip of Law, so far.

Medico-legal methods should be used to elicit the truth from Sahu; as otherwise, the State cannot be saved from the loot of its rare mineral wealth.

The Vigilance Police, inter alia, should explain as to why it occurred to it that only the Director of mines and a pack of his subordinates along with only two private operators were involved with the loot; not any minister or the Chief Minister.

This is urgent in public interest.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is a shame that a man who misuses his position to instigate the Police Chief of every State to go against his State Government is holding the Home portfolio in the union cabinet of India.

To charge the Police with emotional motive against the State Governments, Home Minister of India P.Chidambaram has calculatedly loaded their psyche with a venomous idea on September 15 that they “have been reduced to footballs, to be kicked here and there, from one post to another” by the peoples in power in the States.

“I ask you to search your hearts and answer the question, what is the average length of tenure of a district superintendent of police? What is the average length of tenure of a station house officer? Why do you remain silent when arbitrary postings and transfers are made by the State Governments?” He has tried to provoke them with these words.

He has sans qualms underlined that in interest of the peoples that they are “duty-bound to protect” they should revolt. “Is it not your duty, as the head of the State Police, to raise your voice not only on behalf of your officers but also on behalf of the people that you are duty-bound to protect?”

Is it becoming of the Union Home Minister to instigate Police Chiefs of the States against their respective Governments with such sort of words? If Chidambaram has felt that Police personnel are used by the State Governments as “footballs” he should have taken up the matter with the Chief Ministers and should have done the desired service to the Police by formulating and centrally enforcing a posting policy for the Police. But he has never done it. Instead, he has used the Intelligence Bureau to convey a conference of Directors General of Police and Inspectors General of Police and deliberately injected this venom into their psyche against the State Governments!

To any patriotic Indian, Chidambaram’s deliberation is a deliberate design against national integration and Center-State relationship. A man, who holds Home portfolio of Indian Union has no legitimate right to play the mischief he has played. He deserves dismissal forthwith from the union cabinet for having instigated IPS officers against their respective State Governments.

Will the Prime Minister please react?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

An organization in non-Government sector, styled as Basanti Trust with its headquarters under Chandrasekharpur P.S. of Bhubaneswar, has attracted public wrath as, after rescue of 24 young girls by the Police from its premises,the locals came to know that the girls were allegedly stationed there for sex exploitation. It eventually transpired that the Trust’s sex racket hub has been using the name of Biju Patnaik as its brand name.

Biju Patnaik in his lifetime was known for many facets including such ugly ones that the peoples of Orissa were getting provoked to oust him from power time and again, the last instance being, when he died, he was not in power as voters had refused to give him a fresh mandate. In his long but checkered career in politics he had been able to occupy the Chief Minister post only twice and was conspicuous in Orissa politics by being rejected at least for two consecutive terms after being placed in power for one term. Even when in power, he was facing public wrath for his rampant misrule, which is evidenced from the fact that he had to resign in the middle of his first term as CM at the summit of a massive and acrimonious strike by the students and the youth against his naked practice of corruption and in his second term, which was his last term as CM, his misrule was so unbearable that his own staff in the secretariat had manhandled him. There is elaborate and exclusive exposure of this facet in these pages and in for perusal of those who cannot reach my book Simhavalokanare Biju Patnaik, published by Bharata Bharati, Cuttack and the e-book of the same title being marketed by the news syndicate.

But I must say, use of his name as brand name of a suspected sex racket hub is something that had not happened so far. To me, it is an obnoxious misuse of the name of a man to whom there are a lot of peoples in Orissa who pay posthumous respect.

Every human being has his dark side and Biju babu was a human being. So he had a dark side too. But in his bright side, he was seen as a brave and magnanimous man. For this bright side, which was unique, even the people that were opposing him politically, never hesitate to remember Biju Patnaik with love.

It is therefore unthinkable that a man, suspected to have been operating a sex racket, had been enjoying official patronage in Navin Patnaik’s regime, so far, in running the hub named as “Biju Patnaik Destitute Home”.

But for this posthumous misuse of his name, I will hold his son Navin Patnaik squarely responsible. The junior Patnaik knows that he captured power in Orissa by posthumous use of Biju as his political launching pad and, despite the misrule he has given, he has been able to hoodwink the peoples of Orissa till date only by posthumous political use of his father’s name. So, in order to stay in power he has tried to add arbitrarily Biju’s name to almost all the ventures that under his Chief Ministership the State Exchequer is forced to fund.

This has become such a mania that every dishonest person, who tries to get government grants in any form, is, as a stratagem, using Biju’s name as his / her concern’s brand name.

No wonder, a reported sex racketeer has named his hub after him.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The State government has been sleeping over the UGC scale of pay for College and University teachers in Orissa.

The collective bodies of teachers have several times met the secretary and minister of higher education with their demands for the revised scale recommended by the UGC and dovetailed with the sixth Pay commission recommendations.

When the state has instantly implemented the Pay Commission scales for its executive, there is no justification in delaying implementation of the UGC scales. But, Orissa Government is marked for double standards, specifically in the matter of education.

Unrest is brewing amongst the college and university teachers and justifiably.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Even as the incumbent Chief Minister is in his third consecutive term in Orissa, his Health Minister Prasanna Acharya has admitted that the department allotted to him is in disastrous disarray.

Addressing the Orissa chapter of Cardiology Society of India at Bhubaneswar on September 12, he informed that the Public Service Commission has been asked to select 1000 qualified Doctors to fill up the existing vacancies so that government hospitals and dispensaries may be properly manned.

So this is the reality at the moment!

Sri Navin Patnaik has given Orissa a rule wherein the health sector has so grossly been neglected that during his tenure of ten years a thousand numbers of posts of Doctors have been lying vacant.

The Minister has shown courage and honesty in admitting that as far as health care is concerned the administration has willfully neglected its role.

Out of thirteen dialysis machines purchased with public money, only two are in use, the Minister has divulged. He had to reveal this, as he had to give vent to his dismay over carting in of patients from Kalahandi district H.Q. hospital to Cuttack for dialysis despite presence of this machine in that hospital.

Why alone the Kalahandi Hospital? The scenario in Capital Hospital, the prime Government Hospital in the headquarters of the State has become no less pathetic, the minister has confessed.

As he was addressing the Cardiologists, he thought it prudent to tell them of how the I.C.U. under the cardiology department of Capital Hospital is functioning. He informed that the I.C.U. is housed in a new building equipped with as many as six high caliber A.C. machines. But despite this, it is not in use, as according to Hospital Authorities, there is no technical hand to handle the machines! The administration has become so habitual in negligence that it has not yet been ascertained whether or not by deliberate design the I.C.U. is kept inoperative.

Negligence to duty has become the norm of the day, if Acharya’s honest speech makes any revelation.

After he became the Minister of Health, he disclosed, he had wanted to know the numbers of high tech medical equipments purchased with details of their category, utility and price along with the names of the hospitals they were meant for, vis-à-vis the details of their capacity utilization for his knowledge and reference in order to have a clear idea on what would be the challenges before him while discharging his duties as the concerned Minister. But, he said, such pervasive has become executive apathy that though three months have elapsed he has not yet been supplied with the data he wanted.

The most noteworthy is his apprehension that he may not be given the data in months to come.

This clearly means, during Navin’s rule, anarchy has spread to such extent that the executive has no cares for complying with the rightful orders of the ministers.

When executive becomes so wild, what happens? The Health Minister has given a few examples. On a spot visit to the three Government Medical Colleges, he noticed that when 50 per cent of the Beds were in dilapidated condition, 70 per cent of bed covers were torn. On query he was told that though replacement thereof was overdue, paucity of funds was the obstacle. But on scrutiny he found that enough money on this particular head amounting to a sum of Rs. 33 lakhs was lying idle with the concerned authorities.

It is not that Chief Minister Navin Patnaik is not aware of this. Massive misappropriation of funds borrowed from the World Bank for health system development in the State unveiled by the World Bank teams is such serious an offense that the CM cannot say that it had not come to his attention. So, it is natural that he personally knows the misdeeds going on in health department. But he has never exercised his authority to correct the wrongs.

Now the concerned minister has put on records how misrule has engulfed the health sector.

Who to blame if not to the CM?