Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Kali Puja (Ceremony of Kali) of Orissa is not Diwali or the festival of lamps, as some modern Oriyas tend to take.

It reminds us Oriyas of the battle of our matriarch tribes against Vedic imperialists, specifically against Asoka (Chandasoka) of Magadh on our soil under the Dhauli Hills to save the birthplace of Gurudev Buddha at the nearby Kapilavastu, literally Rangamatia, from desecration.

Gurudev Buddha had gone straight from Rangamatia (the red-soil [Kapila vastu] region) nearby the Dhauli Giri of the then Orissa (Tosala) to the citadel of Vedic imperialism, Rajagriha, to obstruct it in its heartland by organizing the matriarch tribes of northern India in the pattern of Orissa’s tribal democracies that he had personally adopted for his Sangha and had succeeded in his mission.

Bimbisar having accepted Buddha’s advice to stop empire building, the agents of Vedic imperialism had gained over his ambitious son Ajatasattu and put Bimbisara under house-arrest till death. Ajatasattu had tried his utmost through his Brahmin Minister Bassakara to dissuade Buddha from supporting the tribes; but had failed. Till Buddha breathed his last, Magadh had not dared to attack the tribal Sanghas and spread of Vedic imperialism had remained stymied.

Taking advantage of the void created by Buddha’s demise, Vedic imperialism started expanding its area. But, Orissa, the birthplace of Buddha and hence the fountainhead of Buddhism, remained the greatest obstacle to its expansion for centuries. Ashoka, who was known as Chandashoka for his aggressive wickedness and terrible tyranny, was eager to desecrate the birthplace of Buddha to demoralize and terrorize the Buddhists of Orissa and to transfer this soil to dominion of Vedic empire.

Therefore he had come straight to the Dhauli Hills near which Buddha’s village, Rangamatia (meaning the area of red-soil: Kapila Vastu) was situated. Scholar Chakradhar Mohapatra has identified the village Kapileswar in this locality as the ‘real birthplace’ of Buddha and an IAS officer Ajit Kumar Tripathy, who has tactfully used plagiarism to overwrite his name on Mohapatra’s, has sub-captioned such an attempt with the words “Yesterday’s Kapilavastu Today’s Kapileswar”. But literally Kapila Vastu means the village of red soil, which in Oriya is Rangamatia. A village by this name, in the ancient region of Kurmapatakapur on historical river Prachi, is in existence even today. Whether the village Kapileswar identified by Mohapatra or the village Rangamatia is the real birthplace of Buddha is a matter that can be determined by further research. But discernible is the fact that from Rangamatia to village Kapileswar and beyond with Dhauligiri looking over it, the soil of the entire region is reddish in colour (Kapila). So the entire area those days around Dhauligiri must have been known as Kapilavastu, the region of reddish soil. Dhauligiri being the landmark, Buddha had told Bimbisara that he had come straight from Tosala, the land of paddy, prosperity and pride that lies at the foot of the Dhauligiri. (Chakradhar Mohapatra, The Real Birthplace of Buddha, pp.63-64). So, the chanda (wicked) Asoka had tried to desecrate Buddha’s birthplace in Kapilavastu (red soil region) known in colloquial Oriya as Ranga Matia, the people of Orissa had thrashed him in the battle field beneath the Dhauligiri.

Sensing Asoka’s ill motive, peoples of Orissa, belonging to various matriarch democracies, rushed to the rescue of Buddha’s birthplace and gave fierce resistance to the Chandasoka at the foot of the Dhauligiri, known to the world as Kalinga War. Had it not been the fact, the fierce battle could have taken place at the border of Orissa, not at Dhauli.

History has failed to note this point.

History has failed to note that Asoka had not won the Kalinga war.

He had surrendered before the valiant matriarch tribes of Orissa and fled with his life only after openly jettisoning his Vedic creed and accepting Buddhism, to destroy which he had attacked Orissa.

History has failed to note that after fleeing from Orissa by employing the tricks of conversion into Buddhism, Asoka contrived a way to clandestinely achieve the aim that he had failed to achieve through the open war.

Ashoka’s nasty tricks:

Ashoka adopted a stratagem to destroy Buddhism by confusing the Buddhists and by destroying the very heart of the alternative that Buddha had offered. Accordingly, he openly declared Buddhism as the royal creed and sent Shramanas to different places to spread Buddhism and thus gaining confidence of Buddhist as an unquestionable patron of their religion.

Then, as per his strategy, he started injecting slow poison into minds of the Buddhists against the base of Buddhism.

That poison was hidden in the epithet “Devanam Piya” (Beloved of the Gods) that he had decorated himself with.

Through the mischief of this epithet, he slowly but steadily implanted theism on the atheist path of Buddhism.

Exactly as Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika wiped out Communist USSR in modern times, the slow poison that Asoka’s “Devanam piya” concept had spread amongst the Buddhist of his days, whom he had hoodwinked by becoming a follower of Buddha, destroyed the pivot of Buddhism and thus, howsoever softly it might have been, the Buddhists acquiescing into the concept of God, failed to retain the distinction of their path and hence the theist waves of Vedism eventually washed away Buddhism.

But people of Orissa, notwithstanding deliberate silence of written history on this phenomenon, have stocked the streaks of the reality in their cultural heritage, specifically in their celebration of Kali Pooja.

Fire salutes:

On this day, in every Oriya home, the entire family gives fire salutes to the ancestors of the maternal side, specifically to the matriarch martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in the Kalinga war to save the birthplace of Buddha from the extremely evil invader Ashoka.

The salute is given by invoking the “Badabadua” literally meaning the greatest amongst the greats, Gurudeb Buddha, worshiped as Sri Jagannatha in Orissa.

Patriotic Oriyas gather in front of the Sri Madira, abode of Sri Jagannatha at Puri on the evening of Kali Pooja with Kaunria sticks bundled together and setting fire thereto raise the flame high while saluting the greatest teacher and his followers that had sacrificed their lives in the Kalinga war with the words, “Badabadua ho! Andharare asi aluare ja, Baisi Pahachare gagagadau tha”. The words are set. The words are the same all these centuries. The words are symbolic. They are as symbolic as burning the bonds of Kaunria sticks while uttering these words. The words mean, “O Badabadua! When the dark quagmire of religious dogmas surrounded us, you came. You saved us. You ushered in the reign of light. You left only when the light of knowledge illuminated our minds. Whenever the dark dogmas of religions are revived, please repeat the journey O Lord! Accept now our salute of fire, fire of knowledge, fire of unity O Lord!”

In fact the bundles of Kaunria kathi used for the fire salute are symbolic of the strength of unity that the Oriya ancestors had shown against Aryan aggressors in the Kalinga war.

Kaunria Kathi and Oriya mentality:

A Kaunria kathi is the pith of a Jute Plant and the most fragile stick with a very peculiar characteristic that it may break into pieces, but cannot bend. It has a striking similarity with the character of traditional Oriyas. They may break, but they do not bend. This was established in the Kalinga War. Ashoka had admitted that Oriyas were unconquerable. (“Abijita”: The Second Kalinga Edict)

The fellows that had concocted the story of Ashoka’s victory had to say that on seeing the last Oriya in the battlefield daring death for protection of his motherland, Ashoka was so deeply moved that he relinquished the empire building desire and on the battlefield itself embraced Buddhism.

This is contrary to actual.

In reality, Ashoka had to admit on records that he could not find any Oriya to bend before death notwithstanding the havoc he had wreaked.

This is the disposition that distinguishes Oriyas from others.

Even the British power was afraid of this disposition. While recommending for a truss with the Oriya leaders engaged against the British power in Khurda “insurrection”, Magistrate W. Forrester had informed Commissioner Robert Ker in his Report Dated 9 September 1818 that the “disposition of the inhabitants will always present formidable obstacle to the suppression of these disturbances either by military or police”.

This disposition of the inhabitants of Orissa is inherent.

Every Oriya, proud of his heritage may break, but can never bend.

The pith of Jute Plant, Kaunria Kathi resembles this peculiar character of proud inhabitants of Orissa. It may break, but does not bend.

This is why the Oriyas, proud of their unique heritage, offer fire salute to the greatest son of their soil, Buddha; and with him, to his followers, who had sacrificed their lives in the Kalinga War while trying to protect Buddhism and to save their soil from Vedic imperialism; and to all their ancestors that had given to them peace and prosperity under benevolent matriarchy, conceived together as “Badabadua”, in front of the Temple of Sri Jagannatha as well as in the north-eastern (Aishanya) corner of their respective residential courtyards in the rising half of the night of Kali Pooja. (Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Sri Jaya Devanka Baisi Pahacha, Bharata Bharati, Gajapati nagar, Sutahat, Cuttack 753001)

Why in front of the Temple of Sri Jagannatha?

This is simply because Sri Jagannatha is the sculptured statue of Gurudev Buddha, the matchless jewel of the soil of Orissa, whom the Oriyas address as Mani. Ancient leader of Oriya race, Indrabhuti, founder of Uddiyana Tantra, Vajrayana and revered as a king, had metamorphosed Oriya tribes’ Jaganta-tha to Sri Jagannatha while retaining the tribal concept of Buddhist matriarchy embodied therein and for the first time addressing Gurudev Buddha as Sri Jagannatha. (Ibid)

Foul play of Vedic imperialists:

Centuries thereafter, Vedic imperialists had tried to transform Sri Jagannatha from Buddha to Vishnu with the help of Kings and Emperors. Both the sides had their respective interest in this.

The first side was dependent on caste apartheid and deriving its sustenance from disunity of society. Buddha was opposed to caste system. Therefore the caste supremacists were determined to destroy Buddhism from its soil of origin.

Philosophically it was impossible.

So they tried to transform Sri Jagannatha from Buddha to Vishnu.

On the other hand, the second side was based on autocracy. Buddha was out and out against autocracy. In fact he was the greatest epitome of democracy and had developed his Sangha system in such a pattern that had close affinities with tribal democracies of Orissa. So the autocrat kings were against Buddhism. Their survival in power was depending on Brahmanism, the applied philosophy of caste supremacists that had contrived scriptures to project them as embodiments of Vishnu. Conversion of Sri Jagannatha from Buddha to Vishnu was crucial to their continuation in power in Orissa. Hence every aggressive autocrat king of Orissa became strong patrons of Brahmanism and under their organized force, Orissa, the birth land of Buddhism fell into the trap of caste-supremacist mechanism.

Intellectual ways of Buddhists to thwart caste supremacy:

To save the motherland from the pernicious grip of caste supremacists, the Buddhist Siddhas of Chaurashi monastery in the Prachi belt of Orissa, famous as Chaurashi Siddhacaryas, started preaching Buddhism in the speaking tongue of Oriya peoples in a unique manner that blended Buddhist spiritualism with female sex drive which they had deliberately projected as the factor of creation just to rebut the Brahminic claim that the factor of creation was the male, Brahma.

Brahmanism had its philosophical strength in projecting Brahma as the creator. Under its socio-administrative scheme the Brahmins were the incarnation of Brahma on earth. This concept had given birth to the system of caste exploitation, which the Buddhists of Kurmapatakapur area comprising Kuruma and Chaurashi monasteries were trying to thwart.

Contributing to philosophy of creation in matriarch manner, they authored songs akin in style to singing of tribals of Orissa infusing in them the dual meaning of sex and Buddhism. This dual meaning style later got recognition as Sandhya Bhasa. Taking advantage of the dark cloud spread over Orissa when Bengalis were basking under the British hegemony, a few culture vultures like H.P.Sastri had tried to misappropriate the Churashi Siddhacharyas of Orissa for Bengal and the advantage they were enjoying under the British had helped them to misguide history in this matter. We have in these pages a study on these Siddhacharys. Hence we need not elaborate on this in this essay. But this much is relevant to say that behind blending of Buddhism with sex there was the clear intention of thwarting Brahmanism in Orissa. The Siddhacharyas were clearly the strongest obstacle to solidification of caste supremacist control over Orissa. Frustrated, they wanted annihilation of the Buddhists.

Annihilation of Buddhists:

Yayati Keshari, a non-Oriya occupier of Orissan soil, whom history credits with import of 10,000 Brahmins from Kanyakubja to establish Brahminism in Orissa and to convert her indigenous religion Buddhism to Hinduism, had exceeded his predecessors in notoriety by butchering Buddhist monks and destroying Bauddha Stupas in Jajpur as well as in the Prachi valley and in every nook and corner of Orissa over which he had spread his terrorizing jurisdiction. References in this regard are available in the religio-historic scripture Chaitanya Bhagabata authoured by Iswara Das.

Evolution of Badabadua:

As under the Keshari dynasty Buddhists were being brutally butchered and Brahminism promulgated in Orissa, the traditional Oriyas started establishing Badabadua as the ruling deity of their respective houses.

Badabadua was established in the ‘aishaanya kona’ (the north-eastern corner) of their ‘Handishala’ – the room where the senior most female of the house keeps earthen vessels of cooked rice and into which none but the females permitted by her can enter.

Every morning begins with paying obeisance to Badabadua and every evening becomes illuminated with Sandhyadeepa (lamps) offered to Badabadua by the Karttri (most important one amongst the women) of every traditional Oriya household to usher in peaceful nights. Every important event of the house takes place by invoking the blessings of Badabadua. Even when a Naba badhu (a new daughter-in-law) comes to the house, she offers her first obeisance to Badabadua, which can be termed as the first Viksha to Gurudev Buddha at the beginning of conjugal life of the bride.

How this Badabadua is to look at?

It is in fact a mini Stupa made of red soil or pasted with red soil (Rangamati) that resembles the colour of the soil on which Buddha was born. It personifies the greatest son of Orissan soil, Buddha and all the matriarch ancestors of Oriya race who had never hesitated to make supreme sacrifice in support of Buddha and also all the ancestors of the concerned clan.

It is noteworthy that there is no Badabadua in any Brahmin family. That the Badabadua represents Buddha and the Buddhist ancestors of Oriya race, who were in opposition to Brahminism, is established by the very fact of absence of Badabadua in Brahmin families in Orissa.

Even as Vedic imperialists of non-Oriya origin, keeping Orissa in their brutal grip, have converted Jagannath from Buddha to Vishnu and have enforced Vedic rituals in his temple to promulgate their patriarch philosophy, the Oriya race has kept alive the predominance of Tantric rituals in the temple because of Buddha’s support to matriarch democracy and in devoted remembrance of the role of matriarch fighters that had saved Buddha’s birthplace from the attack of Ashoka, the Chanda (wicked) by compelling him to flee from the battle field after openly discarding Vedism and taking refuge under Buddhism at the foot of the Dhauli Hill.

The void in Orissa history, so extensively noted by historians sans any serious attempt to find out facts to fill it up, is relevant to this. This missing part of socio-political history of Orissa has a veiled expression in a matriarch scripture like Sri Durga Saptasati where after killing the Mahishasura, the Devi has eventually taken Kali shape and extinguished the gene of the demon to free the people from the perennial threat of tyranny.

Sociological significance:

Let us cast a cursory but sociological look at it.

It is well settled that women were the inventors of agriculture. They invented agriculture for providing food to their children. They were carrying and delivering babies and bringing them up. Naturally therefore it is the women who were raising the families. Hence the ancient Indians families were matriarch.

These matriarch families were staying scattered and therefore there was no unity, no solidarity amongst them and there was no society of their own.

When the Aryans invaded India and tried to build up empires, the indigenous matriarch families were unable to obstruct them. The invaders were looting their crops and therefore they were equated with Mahisa, meaning the wild buffalo that destroys the crops.

The scattered matriarch families soon knew that unless they were united, they may not save their crops from the demonic Aryans whom they had nicknamed Mahisasura. They united.

And the united force of matriarch families, led naturally by the females, vanquished Mahisasura, the demonic looter of their crops. Their Durgati or turmoil was thus tackled. Therefore, the united female force was considered Durgatinashini (terminator of turmoil), and is symbolically depicted as Durga.

As hinted to supra, Mahisasura was a symbolic name that stood for the Vedic mafia. There is no mention of Mahisasura or Durga in the Vedas. This means the Durga concept developed after centuries old tussles between Vedic imperialists and indigenous agro-societies.

To appreciate this phenomenon one is to take note of what had happened before Durga annihilated Mahishasura.

The Aryans were trying to subjugate Indian natives. They had developed scriptures in their support. The scriptures called Vedas and elaborated in Upanishads known as Vedanta literature, which, having contrived a caste system to disunite the peoples, had promulgated two streams known as the Brahmana and the Aranyaka that were so coined that Indian natives were to work as slaves of the Aryans forever.

The coiners of these scriptures, designated as Rshi, Maharshi, Brahmarshi etc belonged to the Brahmin caste.

The Brahmins were so named because of their claims to have seen the creator Brahma and obtained the hymns of Vedas from him compiled into scriptures. But every Brahmin who was claiming to have obtained the scripture from Brahma and / or his cohort gods was claiming his absolute private right over the hymns or secret knowledge and if at all he was willing to share the same with any, he was choosing only a person of Brahmin caste and none else in order to keep the knowledge a caste-property of the Brahmins. As for example the epitome of patriarchy, Parshuram, whom the Brahmins project as an incarnation of the god was determined not to share knowledge with non-Brahmins. When Karna in the disguise of a Brahmin had obtained some knowledge from him, he had ensured that at the time of his need that knowledge would be of no use.

Thus when the Brahmins were using private right over whatever knowledge they were claiming to have got from the God(s), all of them had collectively contrived a provision, which stipulated that there shall be no deliverance from the chain of birth unless one studies and follows the scriptures comprising those knowledge even as in the caste system they had promulgated, none other than the Brahmins were entitled to study the scriptures. This trick proceeded to further prescribe that in order to have a better birth after death to graduate into the stage of learning the Vedic hymns, a non-Brahmin was to serve his masters, obviously the Brahmins and their cohorts, in whatever way they desired. Parasara, projected as the grand son of Brahma, had desired the body of Satyavati, the daughter of a fisherman and had impregnated her illegitimately, out of which a son later to be known as Vyasa was born.

Epics are galore in such descriptions.

Buddha of Orissa had challenged this system of exploitation by activating the matriarch tribes. He had rushed from his birthplace Tosala (Orissa) to heartland of Brahminism, Magadha and organized the agro-tribes there in the democratic pattern then in vogue amidst Oriya tribes and adopted by him for his Sanghas, which, in fact, had succeeded in arresting the Vedic empire as hinted to supra.

Thus Buddha was regarded in Orissa as the protector of matriarch democracy. When Chandashoka (the wicked Ashoka) attacked Orissa, this soil being the soil of matriarch democracy, the women had led the battle against the invading tyrant and vanquished him so completely that he had to flee with his life by adopting Buddhism as his creed. As analyzed in this write up supra, Ashoka, the chanda (wicked) had to drop his allegiance to Vedic religion in order, logically, to be initiated into Buddhism. This is symbolic of obliteration of every drop of blood of Raktavirya by the force of Mother Kali who is credited with victory over Chanda and the Mouryas (Stanza 6 of Chapter 8 of Sri Durga Saptasati)

When Chanda is an epithet of Ashoka, the Mouryas are clearly the the soldiers of Ashoka.

The Mothers’ fight with Kali in command against invading demons in Sri Durga Saptasati has symbolic links to this historic episode. This justifies the equation of Kali with Sri Jagannatha (Niladrou Sri Jagannatha sakshat Dakshina Kalika: Tara Tantra) when Buddha, the protector of matriarch democracies of Orissan Tribes, was projected in Jnanasiddhi as Jagannatha by Indrabhuti, leader of Oriya tribes and founder of Bouddha Vajrayana and worshiped in Puri Srikshetra called Niladri.

On this background, the traditional Oriyas offer fire salutes to Gurudeb Buddha worshiped as Sri Jagannatha in Puri in the night of Kali Pooja invoking him as their Badabadua and whosoever of them fails to come to Puri, raises the salute to Badabadua in his / her ancestral home by setting fire to bundles of Kaunrial kathi, on which, interpretations are laid in the earlier paragraphs under the sub-heading ‘Fire salutes’ of this essay.

Hence, Kali Pooja in Orissa is symbolic of the necessity of united battle of the oppressed against exploiters that are set to spread their empires and not Diwali that the exploiters now a days project.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Engrossed in contriving methods to help POSCO and similar other mine mongers, Chief Minister Navin Patnaik has thrown Orissa to such a ruin that in the eyes of the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) four of its districts – Kandhamal, Malkangiri, Gajpati and Rayagada – have been thrown into the ‘geography of hunger’ even as three of them, Kandhamal, Gajapati and Rayagada as well as the district of Nabarangpur are found ‘extremely insecure’ in the matter of food.

When serving the non-Oriya capitalists has remained the priority agenda of the CM Orissa has become a symbol of economic ruin.

More than 15 million people in rural Orissa live below the official poverty line, which constitute 47 per cent of the State’s rural population, says the report prepared by the Institute of Human Development on behalf of the WFP termed Food Security Atlas of Rural Orissa. No other State of India is so wretched.

Noting that the people in Koraput, Nabarangpur, Rayagada and Malkangir have the lowest access to food, the survey exposes that more than five million persons in these districts suffer from calorie undernourishment whereas protein consumption in the State is as low as 48 gm a day per person.

When parents are so pathetically undernourished its impact is bound to play havoc with the children. And it is happening. Before reaching the age of five 90 out of every 1000 children are dieing due to slow starvation in the State.

The report shows, the districts of Kandhamal, Gajapati, Rayagada and Malkangiri have under-five-mortality higher than 160 per 1000 births with more than half of their children being underweight. Similarly, 46 per cent of children under three in the State are underweight, 40 per cent are stunted when 20 per cent children are wasted.

Had health care network of the state not been subjected to subterfuge and corrupt practices by the State administration itself, chances were that the children below five would have a little more hope of excepting death in more numbers. But Navin has been giving an administration that swindles the funds obtained as loans from the World Health Organization and no prompt action is taken against the swindlers when the scams are exposed through audits and intelligence.

Such a Government has given birth to an environment where Less than half of the population has access to primary health facilities. The survey says that the situation is still worse in most of the northern districts and in the southern districts of Rayagada, Malakangiri, Kandhamal and Gajapati where less than 20 per cent of inhabitants have access to primary health cares.

One-third of Orissa’s rural households do not have access to safe drinking water as a result of which water borne diseases such as Cholera and diarrhea are rampant in these areas.

The well known reality is that lakhs of working people from different parts of Orissa are being forced to leave their soil in search of avenues to earn their food and end up as bonded labors out side Orissa. The WPF report has now confirmed the cause. The rate of wages for rural causal labor is very low in the State, it has said indicating that it is further lower in the northern districts, where the rate is often less than Rs.30 a day, which is less than half of the national minimum wages. The Minimum Wages Act is applicable to Orissa; but Navin’s Government never enforces it. The Labor department, which is the administrative department, is most inadequately manned and habitually lethargic. It never serves the workers in right earnest.

Where has Navin landed Orissa!


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa has the bitterest experience of Catholic Christian nuns raising false allegations of rape against peoples of rival religions. They raise such allegations deliberately for two reasons: (1) to support someone politically and (2) to spread their religion. One cannot ignore this aspect while dealing with the allegation of rape of a Catholic nun of Kandhamal read with her assertion that she will never cooperate with investigation if the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is not asked to handle the case.

If Ottavio Quattrochi has escaped Indian Law in Bofors bribe scam, it is because a government that Sonia Gandhi controls, controls the CBI. The Catholic nun allegedly raped during a communal riot in Kandhamal is insisting upon investigation by the same CBI as otherwise she asserts, she will not cooperate in proving her allegation. Raising an allegation of such a grave nature and refusing to cooperate in investigation is an illegality. But the nun is trying to divert attention from this illegality by insisting that instead of Orissa Police, the CBI be engaged to handle the case.

As seen in Quattrochi case the CBI is susceptible to wishes of the person controlling the central government. Sonia continues to control the government that controls the CBI. She is like the nun a Catholic Christian. The Kandhamal conflict is an offshoot of communal acrimony between the Christians and the Hindu activists that has led to communal polarization. Besides being a Catholic Christian Sonia is politically prejudiced against Orissa government, which is run by her political opponents. In such circumstances the CBI may be manipulated to side with the nun howsoever concocted her allegations might have been.

If the nun is not discouraged to raise wild doubts on the credibility of Orissa Crime Branch, her communal opponents may be encouraged to raise such questions on credibility of CBI.

It would be bad for our body politic. Hence the nun must not be allowed to raise wild allegations against the Orissa Police and must be made legally bound to substantiate her allegation by cooperating with the Crime Branch (CB) of the State. If she fails, she should be subjected to exemplary punishment for having tarnished the image of Orissa before the world through a press conference at Delhi where she has on October 24 revealed her intention to attract world attention to her raping.

The Christians try to spread their religion through sympathy waves. News of rape of nuns by practitioners of rival religions generates sympathy waves for the Christian missionaries amongst the gullible public and helps publicity of Christian religion in a peculiar manner. As hinted to supra, Orissa has such experiences when another Catholic nun Jacklin Merry had alleged that she had been gang raped by a group of people on February 4, 1999. The allegation was probed into and found false. At that time, J.B.Patnaik of the Congress party was the Chief Minister of Orissa; but he was no more under the grace of Sonia Gandhi. She soon replaced him with Giridhar Gamango. Many believe, Merry’s allegation of rape was deliberately cooked up to further strengthen Sonia with justification to jettison J.B. On submitting his resignation on February 9, 1999 J.B. had said, “I have been under tremendous pressure… If all these attacks on Christians have anything to do with me as Chief Minister, I own moral responsibility and resign.” If a Catholic nun could be used a decade ago to raise false and concocted allegation of gang rape to destabilize a State Government led by a man that Sonia was eager to replace with another person so that the negative impact of administration by her party could be overcome in the elections, a nun could also be used to destabilize a government run by opponents of Sonia.

This, of course, is not said to suggest that the Kandhamal Catholic nun is not raped.

If she has been really raped she must assist the law and order machinery in punishing the perpetrators of the heinous crime. If the CB is siding with the rapists, if really there are any, she should come to the authorities with the proof thereof. But she must not raise fictitious noise that she has no faith in the CB and therefore the CBI should take over. If she was really raped and sought refuge under two Constables of Orissa Special Armed Police (OSAP), who, as she says, refused to intervene or if an officer of a Police Station, as she says, did not act promptly against the culprits, she should say that honestly to the CB. She knows that the CB is not the same as OSAP or personnel of a PS.

In declaring that she has no faith in Orissa Police, she has in fact declared that she has no faith in the CB. She has not shown how the CB is incompetent to conduct the investigation. She has no right to denigrate the CB sans any base. When high officials of Orissa, even officers of high positions in Orissa Police are also seen prosecuted by CB, why should one accept that it would not act against rapists, if any, of the nun?

So, Orissa Government’s “No” to CBI enquiry is most correct and appropriate.

When the written statement she has read out to the Press at New Delhi is not consistent with what she says, the Forensic examination of her cloths that she had given as the corpus dilicti in the alleged rape has failed to show any trace of DNA of rapists if any. Therefore, onus lies on the nun to show that she really was raped. She should therefore have extended her full cooperation to the CB in the investigation. But she has refused.

It seems, she doesn’t want Orissa to punish her rapist, if she really was raped. This makes the matter murkier; specifically as the self-proclaimed rape victim’s declared purpose in addressing the Press at New Delhi was more aimed at embarrassing Orissa Government in the eyes of the world than at expediting Police action against the alleged rapists.

Such modus operandi must not be allowed to click.

The Nun has no right to denigrate Orissa’s Crime Branch through her wild allegations without even experiencing how the CB works. Orissa Government is therefore absolutely right in refusing to hand over the case to CBI.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to direct the State for handing over the case to CBI should be read as the highest judicial recognition of the rights of a State Government to rely on its Crime Branch personnel for curbing of crimes.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

They know, like what happened in confidence motion, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh will get shields in the privilege motion in the Parliament in the matter of the nuke deal. Hence the Communists’ endeavor to usher in victory of Indian democracy will not succeed. A living democracy may march towards victory, not a dead democracy. We are a dead democracy as the democracy we had dreamt of has been replaced by plutocracy by the modern leaders of the Congress Party that the BJP, when in power, had also contributed to. The final deathblow to whatever semblance of democracy was still thriving in the fort of our belief came from the present Prime Minister and his colleagues in the design of the nuke deal with USA. To get back and revive our democracy we need to build up the second war of independence. And the Communists belonging to plutocracy’s opposite ideology can do it. For this, instead of participating in the Parliament, which has become the launching pad of plutocracy, the Communists should quit it and then only they can lead the nation in its much-needed second war of independence.

At this juncture, we may view the nuke deal updates for a moment.

There was free vote in USA both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate on the issue of allowing the USA-India nuke deal. Members of rival political parties supported or opposed it sans any party whip.Indian Parliament was debarred from expressing its wisdom in the matter through votes, as Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and his colleagues did not want democracy to work.

The USA House of Representative passed the proposal on September 28 and the Senate on 2 October 2008 by majority votes allowing President Bush to go ahead to sign the nuke deal with India. Juxtaposing this scenario with Prime Minister Singh’s year old assertion that the deal is “signed, sealed and non-negotiable” one gets shocked over the vicious game Singh has played against our country.

The deal is a “bonanza for US firms” according to eminent US policy makers as reported by the Reuters on August 5, 2007 and is “so clearly in the interest of the United States” that, Senator Joe Lieberman, known for his role in policy making and proximity to President Bush, had claimed on August 14, 2007 as was immediately reported by the Reuters, that both the Houses of USA Congress would sure support it. And, as we saw, notwithstanding opposition by eminent members of both the Treasury and Opposition, the USA Congress passed it finally on October 2, 2008.

The US House passed it because it fulfills American purpose. Describing the nuke deal with India as “net gain” for USA, the fact sheet presented by US administration states that the US Congress supported the initiative, as “There are powerful security, political, economic, and environmental reasons to support this initiative.” The USA administration is looking forward to a “new strategic partnership with India in a way that will provide global leadership in the years ahead,” the fact sheet notes.

This motive of USA is further elaborated by Republican Senator Richard Lugar from Indiana, considered one of the most cerebral lawmakers in the US Congress, when, in addressing the US National Defense University on October 17 he categorically stated, “The bottom line is that American efforts to shape the world are unlikely to succeed fully without the cooperation of India.”

Recalling how “in response to India’s nuclear programme and tests of nuclear weapons, the United States has systematically denied broad categories of sensitive technology to India,” Lugar admitted that the United States, for decades, had placed India, into a lower tier of nations who were neither friends nor enemies. India responded by helping to lead the Non-aligned Movement in frequent opposition to US global initiatives at the United Nations and elsewhere.” So, according to Lugar, India that has exhibited its power to stay the strongest hurdle for US domination over the Globe, is a power without the cooperation of which “American efforts to shape the world are unlikely to succeed fully.”

This is why USA had been putting all pressures on India to accept her hegemony and had been planting her lobbyists and agents in India’s political positions. India has discussed this American design many times in the Parliament prompting at a time the late Swatantra Party MP Piloo Mody to come into the floor with a badge depicting assertive words, “I am a CIA agent.”

As progressive political outlook in the Country declined in course of extinction of the freedom fighters who had brought us liberty from foreign yoke, agents of plutocracy and lobbyists of USA became able to grab power and finally the United States got its committed man in Man Mohan Singh who pushed the country into its hegemony.

India that had challenged US design to subdue the world and had founded and led the NAM, after Singh grabbed the Prime Minister chair, has made shocking compromises. “We have already received some benefits from this engagement,” said Lugar, as India has been “taking a more positive outlook toward the US military presence in Afghanistan than it did originally.” Further, Lugar pointed out, “It supported our efforts to constrain Iran’s nuclear program through its votes in the IAEA Board of Governors’ in 2005 and 2006,” and added, “India has also taken a more supportive attitude toward the Proliferation Security Initiative, though it has thus far declined to join.”

Singh has repeatedly been saying that the nuke deal will solve India’s energy problems; but this most cerebral lawmaker in the US Congress has unambiguously declared that had this deal not been possible, energy problem of USA would have been unmanageable. To quote him, “The United States’ own energy problems will be exacerbated if we do not forge partnerships in India.” But how this and why? Answer is simple. USA has almost exhausted her uranium resources and is very much in want of fuel for her reactors. India has abundant stock of thorium and pushed into isolation as she was because of American conspiracy, she has developed her own unique technology of using thorium for power generation. In the guise of cooperation and partnership, it would be easy for US to grab thorium from India along with the related technology. More over, USA wants to commission new generation reactors in place of the outdated ones. Life span of a nuclear reactor is 40 years. USA has 103 nuclear reactors at the moment out of which, in September 2008, its Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has given extended life to 49 reactors, nearly half of the US total. Nearly 30 reactors are decommissioned whereas a few such as Fort St Vrain, Big Rock Point and Shoreham have been totally dismantled. The majority is in various stages of dismantling. No wonder with these reactors USA’s energy generation was in such a mess that had India not signed the agreement pledging a market to these decommissioned or about to be decommissioned reactors paving way for USA to commission there the new generation reactors, as Lugar has hinted to above, the United States’ own energy problems would sure have “exacerbated”. So Lugar holds the deal a crowning foreign policy achievement.

In other words, we have a Prime Minister who has helped President Bush to have the crowning foreign policy achievement of USA.

This would never have happened had the Communists of India not helped Singh to become the Prime Minister. Singh in his previous avatar as Finance Minister of Narasimha Rao had sabotaged Indian pledge enshrined in the Constitution to build up India as a socialist country and had opened up Indian economy to pave the path for plutocracy to kill our democracy.

Indian peoples had never voted the Congress Party to form a government. They had only very clearly refused BJP a fresh mandate as the government led by it with Vajpayee as Prime Minister had strengthened plutocracy ushered in by the Congress through Man Mohan Singh. In the hotchpotch that helped the Congress Party to claim the top post Sonia was of course the choice because rightly or wrongly it had fought the elections under her leadership. In fact, general voters who had supported the Congress Party had done so keeping Sonia in mind; never Man Mohan Singh. Had the Congress Party fought the elections in the name of Singh, it would have been totally rejected. The common peoples of India could never have supported the American lobbyist who had craftily rendered the national pledge for making India a socialist democracy inconsequential and ushered in plutocracy. But Sonia did not dare to claim the PM post and instead proposed Singh’s name just at the time when the nation was awaiting a call to her from the President to take oath as the PM. There was enough stick to bit Sonia with to compel her to abdicate her claim. As for example, the episodes involving R.K.Dhavan and Ottavio Quattrochi.

The Thakkar Commission had found the needle of suspicion pointing towards Dhawan in the matter of murder of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, but instead of prosecuting him Sonia’s husband Rajiv Gandhi had rewarded him with powerful positions. Sonia and Dhawan had together taken Mrs. Gandhi to the AIIMS and starting from that till Dhawan’s reemergence as the power center in Rajivraj, the entire episode is shrouded under a mystery that is yet impregnable to the common man; but Rajiv’s wife must be knowing the real reason and if there was any hidden motive, can easily fidget over the possibility of exposure. Similarly sticky were the allegations against her Achilles’ heel Quattrochi in Bofors scandal.

These were such sticks that the powers that could have wanted Singh in the top post might have used to compel Sonia to suppress her aspiration and to suggest Singh’s name in stead for the coveted post.

Had Singh not become the PM, the USA might not have got it so easy to make India sign with it the nuke deal.

But the most baffling political confusion that shocked every supporter of suffering Indians was that the Communists of the country supported Singh in becoming the Prime Minister and helped him retain the position till he organized escape from accountability through the drama of confidence vote. This was perhaps the worst of mistakes that the Communists could ever have committed. But they committed this mistake as otherwise, according to them, the communalist BJP could have grabbed power again.

And, here they erred.

BJP is not the only party in India that is communal. India got divided into Pakistan and Hindustan on communal basis under leadership of the Congress Party. The Constitution of India has stressed that the government should so deal with religion that the peoples would get glimpses of sociological evolution of their country and would develop necessary orientation to study anthropology of religions for socio-scientific consolidation of the entire Indian society. But has the Congress, so overwhelmingly in power for so long time, not tampered with the objectives of the Constitution in this regard and not encouraged religions to ruin national solidarity and integration by allowing rival religions to emerge as political powers? How could the Communists found the Congress as non-communal?

What is communalism? Communalism is assertive display of one’s own religion in the midst of followers of other religions. If the sandalwood mark on Advani’s forehead connotes to Hindu communalism the turban on Man Mohan Singh’s head cannot but be a display of Sikh communalism. Respecting rival religions may be secularism, but displaying one’s own religion is communalism. How could the Communists conceive Mr. Man Mohan Singh as non-communal?

Is there any political party of atheists in India? No. Then all the political parties in India are active or passive peddlers of faith in fate. Faith in fate is absolutely anathema to Scientific Communism because it makes one make tryst with destiny and allows her/himself to tolerate exploitation by a better placed person.

Is there any political party in India that has affinity with atheism? Yes, only the parties of the Communists. So Communists should never have allied with any political party or politician who peddles faith and promote tolerance to exploitation and assist plutocracy.

The Communists should have noted that with emergence of Man Mohan Singh in Indian politics, economic inequality has so widened and exploitation of marginal farmers, daily wage earners, working class members and common consumers has become so ruthless that the political state has become synonymous with an exploitative state leading to dwindling of political nationalism. Hence we see emergence of regional nationalism and sub-regional nationalism. Regional and sub-regional nationalism has often resulted in local chauvinism of which ugly glimpses are recently seen in Maharastra and Bihar in Railways recruitment matter. Nationalism being the base of collective identity of human beings dwelling within given geographical limits, when political nationalism dwindles, peoples rush into religious nationalism to overcome inherent individual sense of insecurity through collective cultural identity that eventually gives birth to communalism. So unless India is changed from the present condition of exploitative state to a socialist state, communalism can never be controlled or foiled. It was a folly on part of the Communists to have supported Congress against BJP to foil communalism.

In order to change India from communalism to political nationalism, Communists must war against plutocracy. They must make peoples know that Indian democracy has already been shanghaied into plutocracy. And to start this war they should relinquish the Parliament that now seems as harboring plutocracy. They should vow not to contest elections as long as peoples are not awakened against plutocracy and every cult of faith in fate is not rejected. The Communists alone can do this because it is they that are ideologically the only ones equipped to exterminate plutocracy.

A man, who loves his motherland, may expect this much from peoples that are politically pure.

Orissa’s First: Kui Organic Leads State into Global Organic Market

By OrissaMatters Bureau

Natural Products Expo East, 2008, Boston

Natural Products Expo East, 2008, Boston

For the first time ever, Orissa has secured entry into one of the largest organic products industry tradeshows of the world. Kui Organic (Biosourcing.com Pvt. Ltd) has represented India at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from October 16-18 this year that witnessed over 25,000 natural, organic, and healthy products industry members showcasing products and branded ingredients from 1,200 of the most passionate manufacturers, education from the experts, and networking events.
Orissa at Expo East

Orissa at Expo East

With close to 200,000 sq. ft. of sold-out exhibition space, and rated in the top 200 largest tradeshows in the U.S., Natural Products Expo East in Boston supplied a flood of potential buyers this year. Kui Organic from Orissa – the first ever company from Orissa to be an exhibit at a major American food show – received accolades for the showcased products, stall design and outreach implementations. Kui Organic which has been certified by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) operates a Fair Trade model for organic farming, input distribution and organic product procurement directly from farmers in remote districts of Orissa. Various organic products include spices, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, herbs and health supplements.
"Orissa is the Natural Choice for Organic Products"
In the United States, there has been recently a great amount of interests in organic produce from world over, and this year Orissa has been able to firmly secure her place as the favored destination for trade. Responding to the overwhelming participation of exhibitors and buyers in this year’s tradeshow, Managing Director of Kui Organic, Sidharth Routray said, “Although this was the first time Orissa was represented internationally in an Organic industry tradeshow, the responses have been outstanding. We are certainly looking forward to continue highlighting Orissa globally as the most natural choice when it comes to healthy, natural products.”
Kui Organic

Kui Organic

Kui Organic was jointly represented by Head of Research & Development, Dr Anita Misra who offered valuable consultations to visitors at Boston’s convention center when they visited Government of India’s India Pavilion. “It’s a matter of pride representing Orissa at an international exhibition of such significance, and to notice that international visitors are increasingly showing interest in Orissa’s vast potential in Organic market after visiting Boston this year,” she said.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) while supporting the Left attempt in Rajyasabha to expose how Man Mohan Singh government is guilty of treachery against the country in the matter of nuke deal with USA has summed up the alert national reaction in saying that for friendship with Bush, Prime Minister Singh has sabotaged India. To quote BSP, “Bush sey yaari hai, desh sey gaddari hai”.

In these pages there are deep discussions on how the nuke deal was contrived by USA to provide a “bonanza” to the traders of that country and how in the words of their policy makers, it was entirely in interest of USA. Even the fact sheet presented by US administration after signing of the deal says that the deal will lead to increased trade and create new jobs and investment opportunities for U.S. companies. So, the deal is basically in interest of USA.

Prime Minister Singh and colleagues in the central cabinet have told us blatant lies that the deal is in India’s interest. When according to important American Senators the deal is “so much in interest of USA” that it would bring a bonanza for US trade and commerce, it should have been proper to know exactly how much in proportion to USA interest Indian interest is to be served by the deal; but Prime Minister Singh did not dare to place the reality before the country.

On the other hand, as orissamatters.com exposed, it was a must for the Indian Parliament to approve the text of the Hyde Act as well as of the 123 agreement before the deal was signed. Singh is guilty of hiding this stipulation from the Parliament as well as from the nation.

Even though the deal is “so much in interest of USA”, the US Senate on October 2 adopted it with 13 members voting against it irrespective of party affiliations. Earlier on Sept 28 it was adopted in the House of Representatives with 117 members voting against it. Remarkable is, when 120 Democrats voted for the Bill, 107 Democrats voted against. Of the Republicans, 10 had voted against.

Thus, there was free voting on the acceptability of the deal in the US House. But, Prime Minister Singh played fraud on the peoples of India and never allowed voting on the deal in the Parliament. He was sure, the Indian Parliament would never have approved the deal and therefore, all nasty tricks were used to avoid a voting in the Parliament on the nuke deal. And, the way the so-called confidence vote on his government was organized is to stay forever the darkest spot on Indian democracy.

There is no wrong therefore in saying that Prime Minister Singh has, for friendship with Bush, betrayed India.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is a shame that killers of Gandhi philosophy are leading India on his birthday.

Mahatma Gandhi had freed us from foreigners; we have now a Prime Minister in Manmohan Singh, who has pushed us into foreigners’ hegemony by using his coterie to corrupt the parliament in instances like nuke deal with USA.

Ganghiji had put his entire emphasis on management of administration for elimination of poverty; Manmohan Singh has ushered in the era of enrichment of the rich that expands on exploitation of the poor and their displacement even from their marginal homestead lands so that industries can grow unhindered.

Gandiji had underlined that planning of the country should be so formulated that the poor will no more degrade financially; but Man Mohan Singh has ushered in a planning that makes the poor perish in slow starvation. Free market economy has increased price of every essential commodity so much that many fold rise in dearness allowance of government servants is too inadequate to meet the cost of living as a result of which new high scale of pay is offered by the sixth pay commission. The poor sans regular source of income and denied in almost all employments the minimum wages are unable to meet the price rise and perish.

Gandhi’s philosophy in India is in peril and the perpetrators of this imperilment are ruling over India. To see Gandhi’s birthday celebrated in the country under their leadership is seeing hypocrisy in shameless display.

It is a shame that we are unable to oppose this shamelessness in India.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Taking over from superannuated Director General of Police Sri Gopal Nanda, the new DGP Sri Man Mohan Praharaj has put priority on ending communal conflicts in Kandhamal.

Communal conflicts are not absolutely criminal in character. Hence how can Sri Praharaj lead police to end them?

Every peace-loving and patriotic citizen must want that there should never be any communal conflict. But utopia has nowhere come true. And, Kandhamal is no exception.

As I have discussed earlier, communal conflicts are religious conflicts. As long as every religion is not banned there shall exist different religions. Existence of different religions means existence of rival religions. Existence of rival religions means existence of rival communalities. Existence of rival communalities means existence of the fire of communal conflicts. Police cannot extinguish this fire. So the new Orissa DGP’s assertion that he will end communal conflicts in Kandhamal as his first work is mere sophomoric.

As the new DGP took over, curfew has been promulgated afresh in Kandhamal. This itself is the proof of the fact that despite earlier repressive steps taken by the police, communal rivalry has not ended as yet.

Orissa High Court has asked the Union to press more police to action in Kandhamal. The Judiciary is worried over continuing communal conflicts. But verdicts or judicial directions cannot terminate communal conflicts.

In Kandhamal, the ongoing communal conflicts are conflicts between the indigenous culture of immemorial age and an alien culture of recent origin. The conflict has aggravated since killing of Laxmananada, as persons who oppose the alien culture suspect the alien culturists to be the culprits, notwithstanding Naxal claims that he being a religious revivalist and a stooge of local mafia they have under notice executed their death sentence on him.

Both the police and judiciary have failed to catch and punish the culprit(s) so far. The blatant inability or deliberate negligence of the law and order machinery to catch and punish the culprit(s) that killed the known antagonist of the alien culture is surely instigating the indigenous culturists to avenge the killing by taking the suspected alien culturists to task the way that suits them and how can this be stopped before the culprit(s), who killed Laxmanananda is/are punished?

Congress autocrat Sonia Gandhi, born a Christian, being the supreme boss of the central minister that holds home portfolio, the police controlled by IPS officers of central service like Praharaj may unleash state terror on indigenous culturists of illiterate Kandhamal in the name of law and suppress the conflict. But that would be mere suppression. Suppression is not extinguishments. So, even if the present communal conflict in Kandhamal will be suppressed, communal rivalry will not die.

This is the danger to our democracy that needs urgent attention.

The illiterate peoples of Kandhamal have given a golden opportunity to administration to understand this danger so that correctional measures may be evolved. But it seems the failed political leadership both in the state and the center, concerned only with their careers and tenures, are not interested in India’s future and hence, they want to manage the instant scenario with the muscles of the police force.

More baffling than this is the intelligentsia’s total failure to study the real cause of communal conflicts.

As stressed supra, existence of rival religions flares up communal rivalry. If peoples are not addicted to religions, wherefrom communal passion would surge and communal conflicts emerge?

Why should peoples be addicted to religion? As I have told earlier in these pages, despite brain and virtues, human beings by birth suffer from a sense of insecurity to overcome which they form their society or nation and cherish societal or national solidarity. Nationality is the collective formation of the peoples of a geographic unit to ensure economic stability. Economic stability of all of the society is ensured by elimination of all process or factors of exploitation. The state that eliminates exploitation and ensures economic stability is epitomized in terms of unreserved allegiance of its peoples. This allegiance is termed as political nationality. When anti-people programs of the state shatter economic stability of the peoples, political nationality dwindles and the peoples in search of collective identity to overcome inherent sense of insecurity build up or revive their cultural solidarity, which is expressed in the name of religion. So religion is a pervert expression of peoples’ anxiety to have a collective identity in order to overcome their inherent sense of insecurity or in reality the fear of economic insecurity and therefore, all the religions are pervert socio-economic formulations. Every pervert formulation is susceptible to control by schemers. So the schemers, who use the strength of solidarity amongst peoples under their control for factually their own economic benefit in the guise of the peoples’ economic stability, patronize and control every religion. This being the position, different religions compete with each other to expand their support base so that economic empires of their respective patrons would expand. In Kandhamal, political nationality having dwindled due to continuous state support to economic exploiters, the religious nationality has raised its ugly head as the substitute and in the specific circumstances, competition is going on between the Hindu and Christian schemers to keep the area under their grip. Hindu schemers are known saffronists who work for business community of India when Christian schemers having their fountainhead in foreign lands are suspected shadow workers of imperialism.

If economic exploitation of our peoples will stop, both these religious schemers shall have no impact on the minds of our peoples and political nationality will revive to extinguish communal conflicts.

Politicians will fail to bring out this as they have en mass lost their credibility. The new DGP can play a positive role if he directs his police force to eliminate economic exploitation of the peoples. It is well known and he can, if he wants, see that all the welfare programs are being derailed as traders, contractors and bureaucrats hand-in-glove with unscrupulous politicians are looting the allotted funds. He as the police chief can intervene and arrest these scoundrels without delay. He can take stringent punitive action against caste supremacists in Hindu religion to stop socio-economic exploitation and this will stop exodus of people from Hindu religion to Christian religion. He can investigate and find out the time and cause of conversion of Hindu members to Christianity and under the anti-conversion Act in force can start stringent action against the Christian conversionists while moving for legal nullification of the so-called conversions so that the unholy competition between communalists of both the Hindu and Christian sectors would stop.

Laws of the land have given him enough power to take these steps. If he fails to do this and in stead, takes steps against peoples who emotionally join either sector in search of collective security in view of administration’s blatant failure in preserving political nationality that a real welfare state could only have given, he will fail and be seen as fallen in the trap of a confused concept.