Subhas Chandra Pattanayak.

In February 2007 elections to form new Assemblies were held in three states: Manipur, Punjab and Uttarakhand. Congress was rejected in two of the tree States: Punjab and Uttrakhand, where it had its government. Sonia as chief of UPA admitted that rise in prices of essential commodities was the cause of the defeat, but the father of price rise, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, had asserted that the defeat couldnt be attributed to any deficiency in his administration.

In April and May, 2007, elections to the Assembly of Uttara Pradesh were held in seven phases. During electioneering, Prime Minister Singh crossed every boundary of sycophancy by eulogizing Sonias son Rahul as the future of India. He was sure, with him on the steering Congress would sure win majority seats. Congress was thrashed; Mayavati won.

Goa went to polls in June 2007. Out of 40 seats Congress won only 16.

We have already discussed how voters of Gujurat have preferred communalist Narendra Modi to Sonia Singh combine as evidenced in the results declared on 23 Dec.2007..

People have shown the same trend in Himachal Pradesh through results of the elections declared on 28 Dec.2007.

So people have rejected the Congress in all the five major States of Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttara Pradesh, Gujurat and Himachal Pradesh that went to polls in 2007.

Its position in only two of the minor States like Manipur and Goa was mere semblance of a win prior to people watching Singh and Sonia pushing India into USA grip through the Nuke deal.

Reacting on Modis victory in Gujurat CPI(M) General secretary Prakash Karat has attributed it to failure of Congress to oppose Hindu Communalism. He will perhaps repeat the same reason in respect of Himachal Pradesh.

He is wrong.

The slogan on communalism has no practical relevance. If by putting sandalwood paste or vermilion on the forehead, Modi is a communalist, how is Dr. Singh non-communal despite his turban that he asserts his Sikhism with? How do we rate Buddhadev Bhattacharya who had castigated Brinda Karat as she had raised an allegation against Swami Ramdev for use of human bones in medicines produced by him basing on test reports of a forensic lab? How do the leftist leaders look when thronging Devi pavilions with folded hands at Kolkata?

So Karat was not expected to educate people that failure of Congress to fight against Hindu communalism was the cause of its failure in Assembly polls. Post nuke-deal debates in Parliament scenario has made it clear that Sonia-Singh combine has more interest in serving USA interest than serving our nation. Indians will never support the agents of USA interest. Therefore they have preferred BJP to Congress.

If Karat says he does not agree with this, he is trying to escape. He knows and the entire left knows that the 123 Agreement has a inbuilt stipulation that the text of the Agreement shall have to be approved by Indian Parliament. It means, the Government is bound to place the text of the Agreement before the Parliament for only one purpose i.e. for its approval by majority votes. By acquiescing into a voteless debate Communists might have helped the Congress hoodwink the parliament, but people have silently marked the trick. Therefore they have silently marked their votes against the Congress.

Not now, not in future.

With Dr. Singh as Prime Minister, Congress can never win an election.

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