Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Even as the Minister-in-charge, responding to an adjournment notice, rejected on June 25 the Opposition demand for an inquiry by a House committee into dubious deals in mining lease, heavyweights in the treasury benches warned the State Government that unless it changes its style of functioning, its support to industries may aptly be interpreted as squandering away the mining wealth mother nature has given to Orissa.

Stressing on the instance of Jindals procurement of around 2000 acres spread of mines through purchase from a Kolkata based company, reprimands rolled out from the treasury side over irregular allocation of the mines to the seller without assessment of his mining ability and industrial requirements.

In these pages it was earlier shown that the State Government has not yet framed a Mining Policy in order to remain unanswerable in matters of arbitrary allocation of mines.

Treasury Bench heavyweights endorsing their calling attention notice wondered if the Government has ever thought it prudent to be guided by a Mining Policy and also showed how in absence of a Policy it has granted 5000 Acres of land where 2000 Acres could have been sufficient to meet the requirement. Such squandering away of mineral and natural wealth would be detrimental to interests of Orissa, they warned.

Despite this they disagreed with the Opposition demand for a House Committee probe. The probe may be conducted by any other credible agency, they pleaded.

The Minister-in-charge rejected the probe demanded by both the Opposition and the Treasury benches. There is no necessity of any special probe, he emphasized.

However, the Minister perhaps inadvertently, revealed a chilling reality. That is, the Governments own organization IPICOL was found not reliable in handling such probe or scrutiny in mining matters.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister of U.P. Ms. Mayawati has informed that she has accumulated wealth to the tune of Rs.52 crores in course of her political career.

Daughter of a low paid employee, Mayawati had started her earning as a teacher in a Delhi Administration School. But politics provided her with the money, which a School-teacher, in a span of a thousand births anywhere in India, could never have accumulated.

If she is honest in her affidavit filed along with her nomination papers before the Returning Officer seeking a berth in the Upper Chamber of UP Assembly, the amount of Cash in her hand at the moment is Rs.50.27 lakhs. Her cash deposits in banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies amount to Rs.12.88 lakhs. Jewellery? See, she has 380.17-carat diamonds worth Rs.49.75 lakhs, gold and studded jewellery worth Rs.50.87 lakhs. The new aristocratic aura she believes she has, has made her procure even a 18.5kg silver dinner set costing Rs1.12 lakhs. She has, as she has revealed, assets that comprise murals worth Rs.15 lakhs.

Over and above these movables, she has commercial and residential establishments under her ownership in New Delhi and Lucknow worth several crores of Rupees. According to her own version, she owns two commercial establishments in Connaught Place, New Delhi, priced at Rs. 2.05 crores and Rs.1.27 crores and another commercial establishment at Okhla which is priced at Rs.15.50 crores. Her residential properties comprise one mansion at Nehru Road in the Cantonment of Lucknow and another at Sardar Patel Marg in Delhi, the cost of which, according to her, is Rs.97.42 lakhs and Rs.18.02 crores respectively.

Are you surprised?

Why should you be? Becoming surprised would be surprising.

If you know your Motherland is being looted and if in your opinion Vajpayee was a perfect Prime Minister and Man Mohan Singh is, why should you be surprised if Mayawati has fetched this massive fortune out of politics?

I am not surprised. The present India is a swamp where crabs like Mayawati have their congenial environment to possess anything that they can grab.

India has been transformed to a Plutocracy and in a Plutocracy, by using facilities of enfranchisement the rich or the agents of the rich grab power under any guise and work for the rich on commission basis. Mayawati is just a sample.

Mayabati is just a sample of how the politico-bureaucratic nexus serving the Masters in private industries have ruined our nation.

When a man like Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, who was more conspicuous by his support to commission agents as in Fernandez case and by denuding the country of her industrial assets while crowning this anti-national mechanism as Ministry of disinvestments, we as a nation did not stop him.

Now a man like Dr. Man Mohan Singh, who, as Finance minister, had sabotaged our Constitution by subjecting India to GATT behind back of the people, as it was impossible to terminate our solemn resolution enshrined in its Preamble to constitute Sovereign India into a SOCIALIST Secular Democratic Republic, is being tolerated by all of us as the Prime Minister! And, look at the irony, the Communists, ethically expected to remain alert sentinels of socialism, are his allies!

What more proof we need to know that we are no more a democracy; but a plutocracy?

And, in a plutocracy, who other than Mayawati and her likes, irrespective of affiliations, can fetch profit sans any industry, out of party politics?

After disclosure of her assets by herself, the hypocrites in her opposite camps and in different media organizations have started raising their eyebrows to the reality of vandalism that has given birth to the new property queen and have most meretriciously started shedding crocodile tears over Indias discernible fall in to the state of no-probity.

This is a farce. Instead of indulging in this farce, instead of lamenting that the country is plundered, it is time to exterminate the political climate that has so far suited the scoundrels.

If we cannot rise against plutocracy, we have no right to bother about how and who plunders the Country.

Mayawati is nothing but a living replica of our nation’s ugly face.