Journalists of Bhubaneswar on August 20th have condemned the Orissa News Media Accreditation Rules, 2006 as arbitrary and anarchic and have demanded that it be withdrawn by the Government forthwith.

In a spontaneous gathering that developed into a convention, journalists forgot union rivalry to express common concern over the State Governments attempt to do away with the dignity of accreditation with a motive to promote a puppet Press.

Presided over by senior scribe Gopal Mishra, the convention was addressed by Rajaram Satpathy, Prasant Patnaik, Ramahari Mishra, Sudhir Das, Sampad Mohapatra, Prasanna Mohanty, Yotsna Rautray, Nageswar Patnaik, Soumyjit Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak amongst others.

How the politico-bureaucratic nexus has time and again tailored the Accreditation Rules with a
motive to put true-to-the-profession journalists in disadvantage was dealt with elaborately by
SCP who emphasized that the Rule being of controlling impact on Free Press, should be salvaged from the clutches of the Executive and be left to the collective wisdom of the legislature. The arguement was supported by others.

It was unanimously decided to inform the Government that the Press Community will not tolerate this mischievous manipulative instrument enforced in form of an Executive Rules. A committee was formed to convey to the Government the collective objection of the scribes to the new endeavor to change the Press to an Official Fiefdom.

One Response

  1. Dear Subhas babu,

    Thanks for the piece on the attempt to choak the voice
    of scribes by abolishing their representation in the
    Press Accreditation Committee.

    I feel the protest should continue till we achieve our

    Prasanta Patnaik.

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