Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When the Government bans any organization of socio-political activism, it needs no proof to say that it has failed. By banning eight of the communist organizations alleging that they are ultra-communists, Orissa Government has only confirmed this.

The ban also throws light on lack of comprehension. If communists are right, how the ultra-communists, if such an epithet still sounds politically sound, are wrong?

Painted as Naxalite, these eight organizations, namely the Daman Pratirodh Manch, Chasi Mulia Samiti, Revolutionary Democratic Front, Kui Mulia Samiti, Kui Lawenga Sangha, Jan Natya Mandali, Krantikari Kissan Samiti and Bal Sangam, have been banned by the Government as per Cabinet decision, according to the Home Secretary Mr. Santosh Kumar.

Why a Government bans an organization? It is because it is afraid of the said organization. Why it fears? It is because it has erred. But if it is capable of correcting the errors and in fact takes corrective measures, it has nothing to be afraid of and there would be no necessity of banning any activist organization.

The ban was necessary to curb violence, it is claimed. Violence has never earned public cooperation in our land. Had it not been so, anarchists, who have no political philosophy, would never have been in power when the proponents of political economy of socialism with their enviable history of sacrifice for the society are far away from electoral success.

So as long as majority cause is not neglected, and deliberately so, there is nothing to be afraid of the so-called violent ultra-communists.

By banning these organizations the State Government has only shown that it knows that it has neglected majority cause and that it has no ability to correct the mistakes.

It is an admitted fact that the ultra-communists have expanded their support base beyond the reach of Police. But the hoarders and black-marketers, the profiteers and exploiters, the bonded labor exporters and the contractors who use machines to usurp food-for-work funds meant for the poor, the tax-evaders and scamsters and many such others who are out and out anti-people are also operating beyond the reach of the Police. The former being the offshoot of the later phenomena, how can one stop the former if the later continues? If majority is to choose between communists and commissionists, how should it sound if its Government supports or stays with the later?

The Home Secretary has clarified that the ban order will not lead to arrest of the office bearers of the organizations or any raid on their offices. But they will not be allowed to hold any more rallies or public meetings.

It is ridiculous. It makes it clear that the Government is not afraid of the ultra-communists, it is afraid only of the awareness they impart to the public through rallies and meetings.

So it is clear that the Government wants to continue to slough over starvation deaths, to continue to pamper contractors at the cost of the menial workers, to continue to support millers at the cost of farmers, to continue to support industrialists at the cost of Nature, to continue to support mines mongers at the cost of the helpless tribal, to continue to help the privileged at the cost of bonded laborers, to continue to support profiteers at the cost of the consumers.

Conscience and Constitution of the Country will not countenance this clumsy mindset of Orissa Ministry.

It should better know that till the ban persists, a feeling will persist in public mind, that the Government is incorrigible.


The illustrious son of Orissa, Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, would be allowing his expertise to benefit the people of Kerala very soon as he has accepted invitation of its Government to join Kerala State Planning Commission as Vice-Chairman.

As a Professor in economics he is very highly rated in the world and the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where he works as Head of Department, is known to progressive students of economics all over the globe because of being the centre of his activities.

We congratulate the Government of Kerala over their success in persuading Prof. Patnaik to shape their planning; though we as watch dog of Orissan interest, envy them and wish, if the Orissa Government would have thought of this.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Government took all steps to provoke the Opposition to stay away from debates over demands of most of the departments and finally from the Appropriation Bill. A section of media constituting the puppet press went on projecting as if the Opposition was not interested in the debates. Demands were adopted through guillotine. But much after the Budget session of Orissa Legislative Assembly, Finance Minister Prafulla Ghadei has admitted that the Government in various departments including General Administration Department handled by the Chief Minister himself has failed to utilize the funds allotted last year. Now it is clear why the Government was precipitating stalemates in the Assembly and pushing the budgetary demands into guillotine sans discussion.

The departments that have failed to utilize appropriated funds are General Administration, Women and Child Development, Supplies, ST & SC Development, Health & Family Welfare, Higher Education and School & Mass education.

Orissa Legislative Assembly had constituted Standing Committees for all the departments to scrutinize demands for grants for 2006-2007 and they had submitted their reports. But, the Government mismanaged the floor to such an extent that these reports could not be reflected in budget discussions in any noteworthy manner. However, from these reports it transpires that the government had suppressed facts before the Committees. As for example, the Secretary of Higher Education had informed the Committee that the department was suffering from funds crunch. To quote the report: The Secretary (Higher Education) explained that the department was not in a position to make payment of grant-in-aid salary to non-government colleges and institutions during the year 2004-05, as there was no sufficient budget provision for which a huge amount of arrear is outstanding against the department. The Committee for G.A. department has noted, Encroachment of valuable government land by the unscrupulous land grabbers poses threat to administration hampering public welfare and causes much inconvenience to public in their day to day life. The committee further noted that physical barriers like barbed wire fencing and compound wall, deployment of police force could have ensured land protection. It is surprising that when funds are lying unutilized, these essential steps for protection of valuable government land could not be taken due to paucity of fund!

It would be better for the Finance Minister to reveal as to how in spite of government works being hampered due to paucity of funds, there are funds that remain unutilized.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Supreme Court of India described the situation created by the medicos as a dangerous situation and intervened. The scenario started changing after the recalcitrant doctors were told in no uncertain term that continuation of the deadlock would be viewed as their contempt against the Court

Without any prejudice to how the Supreme Court would decide the greater question of reservation proposed to be implemented from 2007, when we look at what has happened so far, we shudder at the severe damage done to our sovereignty by the agitating medicos and the in-service doctors who collaborated with them.

It deserves specific mention that the agitation was conceived and carried out against reservation of seats for backward class students in better centers of education.

It was an agitation against the Countrys proposal to reserve a portion of sanctioned seats in national educational institutes for the students of the backward class. Hence it was an agitation against the backward class obviously by the forward class.

And what is in reality the forward class in India? It is that class that has inherited those who had invaded India in the past; who had destroyed Indias original civilization; who had extinguished Indias tribal democracies and usurped power; who, having grabbed power, had transformed Indias classless community to the casteliest society; who, despite less participation in Indias freedom movement, have grabbed maximum benefits in free India.

A look into Whos who of Indian Martyrs would show that more than 95 percent of the people who offered their supreme sacrifice for our freedom belong to what is now called the OBC/SC/ST. In Orissa, barring only nine persons from the upper castes, all the rest of Martyrs belong to OBC/SC/ST. The dream with which those patriots had fought for our freedom and had suffered all the tortures in the hands of the British and had embraced martyrdom cannot be allowed to be defeated. In the name of merit our democracy cannot be subjugated to meritocracy. Merit cannot be allowed to be monopolized by the forward class. Products of coaching centers cannot be considered as epitomes of merit.

And, merit? Do the fellows boasting of their forward class status have any idea of how merit has been butchered in India by their own class? They now boast of their educational background. Do they understand that tradition of education began with the burning of lamps in the night? Do they understand that the lamps were burning because there was oil to fuel them? Wherefrom the oil was coming? It was coming from oil seeds. But the people who were such a genius that they invented oil and developed specialization in production of oil, got eventually reduced to lower strata designated as oil-extractors and ordained by the upper-caste factors of Arya imperialism to go on extracting oil from generation to generation under the caste name of TELI, a caste, according to Law-giver Khana, is so loathsome that no good work should start if a TELI is found within a radius of two miles. The people who deserve to be honored as worlds first chemical scientists have been thrown by Indias upper-caste mechanism into the SC/OBC segment. Like this, the inventors of tie and dye technique, the first textile engineers are kept in SC list as TANTI (weaver) and RANGANI (Dyers). Indias upper-caste people never invented metals and minerals and never developed the original methodology for their utilization, but they have thrown them, who did it, into the lower strata giving them the caste name of SITALIA, MANKEDIA, BANIA, KAMAR etc. The original leather technologists have been kept in SC segment as MOCHI. The original sound scientists of India who had invented musical instruments and developed notes and harmonics were compelled to clean excreta of the upper caste masters and were marked as HADI or CHANDAL belonging to the lowest of all the castes. Visit any habitat of these people even now; you will never find one who is not a musician by birth. Look at the SAVARS or SAURAS; you will come across excellent instrumentalists. Visit any tribal habitat; you will see how music and dance are personified. The people who developed the technique of house building are kept in the lower strata as BADHEI (carpenter by caste). The people who conceived and created utensils to cook food or carry water were earmarked as KUMBHARA or KAMSARI. The people who discovered sweeteners and developed the art of culinary skills and presented the society with healthy and palatable foods were subdued as GUDIAs. The people who invented the science of cementing and excelled in architecture, built up majestic temples and magnificent sculptures are kept in the lower strata as PATHURIA. Study the history of any caste belonging to SC/ST/OBC in India; you shall see a stream of science, specialization or super-specialization and heriditization of the same in its background. Are these people deficient in merit? Are only those whose parents are able to afford private coaching for their sons or daughters for years are meritorious? It is time to take note of this.

As we saw, like Arya imperialists, the present batch of medicos and the neo Brahmins in medical segment have been trying to force the Government to keep the DALITs bereft of better education. Ban private tuition and coaching. There shall be no necessity of seat reservation; because without aid of tuition or coaching the so called meritorious students of the forward class cannot match in merit with those of the backward class.

It is sad that the fellows, who have nothing to loose when reservation grants a scope to OBC students in future, could paralyze Indias health service for around twenty days.

Ours is a sovereign country that cannot countenance continuation of exploitation of majority of our population by a privileged few and we must not allow such super saboteurs to blackmail us by withholding use of the expertise they acquire through our State system in the sphere of medical service.

It is high time for the Government to enact and enforce a Law making mandatory provisions for institution of murder case against every doctor that refuses to impart treatment to any patient under the guise of collective bargaining or a strike of the type we had to witness.

Will Manmohan Singhs Government that has shown so matchless promptness in bringing up an assize to save MPs and MLAs embroiled by the issue over office of profit, bring out this Law to save innumerable Indians from pernicious design of the medical community?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Chief Minister deserves all the thanks for having used his prerogative in a proper cause. In his timely decision, as if the entire States desire has ben honored.

Rourkela Steel Plant was actively considering bearing the expenses of the team of four students and their guide of the Ispat English Medium School, Rourkela, to visit National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) to proceed with further research on a project they had conceived, the blueprint of which has been adjudged to be the second most viable project juxtaposed with 200 contesting works from 96 countries. By declaring that all their expenses shall be born by the State, the Chief Minister has made it clear that Orissa cannot ignore the necessities of young talents when they need their motherland to stand with them.

The four students, Ullahs, Amitav, Asim and Soumya, under guidance of their teacher B. B. Mathur, had presented a 131-page thesis called Extra-terrestrial Domain for Eternity by Nations (Eden), wherein they have conceptualized that that ten thousand people can live initially in space with the help of torus technology, by which there can be an orbiting space colony. This idea has been highly appreciated by the Nasa that has invited the team to its research center to carry further research there, if they desire. Funds crunch was the impediment.

The impediment would have been removed eventually by the Steel Plant, in best interest of its own public image. But by pledging sponsorship, the Chief Minister has made the deserving students feel that their State supports them.

And, nothing is more satisfying than feeling that the motherland stands with the child.

Thank you, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, to have taken a correct decision as the Chief Minister. Thank you, despite all the nasty tricks your Government, specifically your Child Development Minister Ms. Pramila Mallik, has contrived and has been pressing against Buddhia Singh, the best youngest marathoner of the world our motherland has given birth to. If you could only leash your Minister.., if you could understand the phenomenon

Anyway, thanks again for the timely and proper use of your prerogative for the Rourkela students.