Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Bengalis have a tradition of serving non-Bengali masters to harm Orissa, suffer as most of them from inferiority complex or what an expert in psychology can best say. Archives are full of facts on how they were looting the resources of Orissa while serving and satisfying their British patrons.

In the matter of shifting of NISc from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata, the same Bengali character stands uncovered. This time, in place of the British masters, their patron is Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.

History shall never accept that people of India had voted Congress to make Singh the Prime Minister of their beloved country. He has got this avatar out of the magnanimity or vulnerability of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, whatever might be the case or of success of a clandestine syndicate that wanted to control our affairs through him, his modus operandi found conducive to its purpose during his tenure as Finance Minister under Narasingh Rao. So history shall at best accept him as a Prime Minister who got the chair by chance and who thrived on mercy or motives of others. Bengalis know this and know that they are satisfying his thirst for power. And, what they were doing during the Britishraj, they have done the same during Manmohanraj. During the Britishraj they were hijacking Jamidaries of Orissa, to the extent of pimps becoming Jamidars overnight; during the Manmohanraj, they have hijacked the NISc.

Their crude and naked mischief had whipped up such a situation that the House of the People of India had to adjourn its proceedings on 20 December 2005. It had to adjourn as M.P.s from Orissa harped on the issue of NISc. The House had never before been made to adjourn due to any action of the representatives of Orissa. By orientation and inborn quality, Oriyas are composed, non-irritable and gentle. Their representatives had never before taken any aggressive stance in the House to the extent of precipitation of an adjournment, even though they had never neglected to put forth their concern for the motherland in democratic manner. This time was different. They had to concuss the conscience of the whole House, as Prime Minister Man Mohan Singhs patronization to the Bengali mischief was not in consonance with national integration. Had the Orissa M.P.s not done what they have done, the patriotism that they possess would never have excused them. Mr. Singh should take a note of it and try to understand as to where the Bengalis have dragged him in this case.

We have noted that neither he nor the HRD Minister, who is the member-in-charge, dared to defend the Government. It is only the Bengali members in the Council of Ministers who tried to defend the black deed.

First came Priyaranjan Dasmunsi to defend the conspiracy against people of Orissa. Then came Pranab Mukherjee. He trumpeted the tone of officers from the Gallery who must have instantly educated him through chits to say what to say, because he is not the HRD Minister and hence unaware of contents of the concerned file. Otherwise, he vomited whatever he and other Bengali co-lobbyists have made Man Mohan Singh to arrange on records in defense of the black deed. Whatever he said was exactly what the Union government has said before the Orissa High Court while seeking vacation of the stay on establishment of IISER in Kolkata. If Pranab Mukherjee did not follow the promptings from Officers gallery, then it is clear that he and his co-conspirators have coined the version of the Union Government placed before Orissa High Court with a malafide intention to mislead the court.

The falsehood that Manmohanraj has resorted to in the High Court has been repeated on the floor of Parliament. I have exposed this falsehood on the basis of official documents and relevant Laws in these pages in my earlier comment.

Hence there is no necessity of repeating the same.

But what is now important to note is that India has fallen in such hands that are no better than the tricksters.

Man Mohan Singh owes an explanation to the whole nation on the damage he has done to national integration by dancing to the tune of the Bengalis who are marked for regional chauvinism.

The Orissa M.P.s deserve thanks because their action has exposed the mischief so meticulously and so convincingly that in his defense Man Mohan Singh could not get any other voice than the two Bengalis in his cabinet.

But this should not be thought as enough. Our M.P.s must move privilege motions against Pranab Mukherjee for having made willfully wrong and misleading statements in the Lok Sabha. In my article referred to above I have discussed the provisions of Laws from which the falsehood of Mukherjee could be clearly established. If this is established, the legitimacy of Orissas claim over NISc/IISER will also be established. Hence Orissa M.P.s have this to do. This would put Speaker Somanath Chatterjee also to a test. Many things shall depend upon whether or not he allows the privilege motion against Mukherjee as and when it will be moved.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

There is a vacancy of 148 teachers in the three Medical Colleges of Orissa, which has to be filled up urgently. Orissa Public Service Commission (OPSC), the statutory authority to conduct the selections, was asked by the state government to advertise the vacancies and to recommend candidates for appointment. Taking advantage of this, the OPSC has taken such steps that would imperil health education beyond correction.

Look at an instance involving the discipline of endocrinology. As per advertisement No. 4 of 2005-06, junior teachers numbering only 2 are to be recruited. The terms and condition for recruitment are that the candidates must be having super-specialty training in the subject and either in service as an assistant surgeon under the state government / a public undertaking or a lecturer in either of the three Medical Colleges for at least one year. In-service Doctors with the requisite qualification with lesser experience or no experience may be considered in case candidates with prescribed qualification are not available, the advertisement has indicated as a matter of routine practice.

The last date for receipt of application was 16 November 2005. Three Doctors had applied against the two vacancies. They are Dr. Arun Choudhury, Dr. P.K.Rathore and Dr. Prusti .The first two have been called for interview to be held on 20 December 2005. This means they have passed the screening and are held to have the requisite qualification. As only two vacancies are to be filled up, all of these two candidates selected by screening are supposed to be recommended for regular appointment by the state government after a couple of days to impart education in Endocrinology in Medical Colleges where Doctors will be prepared to address to a major area of health hazard in the State in the future, over and above treating the patients in the Hospitals of the Medical Colleges.

But like tender fixing going on in the State, the OPSC has become a center of fixing recruitments, it seems. I would not have inferred this had the screening of these candidates been proper. Only one of these candidates has requisite or equivalent to requisite qualification. He is Dr. Arun Choudhury. His bio-data reveals that he has obtained D. M. degree in Endocrinology from Mumbai, although the Medical Council of India does not recognize this degree. But the other one Dr. P.K.Rathore has no qualification that could be termed as requisite qualification. He has produced a certificate of training from a former Associate Professor in Endocrinology of M.K.C.G.Medical College, Berhampur, Dr. G.C.Nayak.

Our investigation reveals that this Medical College, at no point of time, had any training program or facility in the subject of Endocrinology. Dr. G.C.Nayak had never been appointed to run any super specialty training program on this subject. He has never been authorized by the Government or the University to issue a certificate of training in Endocrinology, which could be interpreted as a degree.

How the OPSC could accept this fraudulent certificate as a genuine degree and accepted it as an evidence of requisite qualification?

Here comes the question of recruitment fixing.

The wife of Dr. G.C.Nayak Dr. Priyatama Singh is a member of the OPSC. The husband issues a fraudulent certificate and the wife being a member, the OPSC passes this fraudulent certificate as a genuine degree while screening for primary selection on the basis of requisite qualification!

Any elaboration needed?

Ask the authorities and obtain their reaction if you feel that the health of the people of our State is more important than the Public Service Commission or its members or their husbands or wives or the Doctors or the commission agents.

Ask the OPSC to refrain from recommending people who have no requisite qualification to teach in Medical colleges. Ask the Minister of Health, the Secretary of Health to act to ensure that this fraud is not played on our people. Ask the Governor to intervene as the Chancellor of the University to initiate action against the Doctor who has facilitated fixing of recruitment by issuing a certificate of training when the concerned medical college had no legal or authorized program and entitlement to impart super specialty training in Endocrinology. Ask the Chief Minister to cause investigation to find out if any further such recruitment fixing has been done or is being done in the office of the OPSC.

This is urgent in interest of Orissa, where 69 per cent of the population is suffering from diabetics and other Endocrinological ailments. It is equally urgent in respect of other medical disciplines too as we must not allow frauds to take over medical education.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Agents of Bengali interest have changed the name of National Institute of Sciences (NISc) to Indian Institute of Sciences for Education and Research (IISER) and befooled Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh in their illicit attempt to hijack it from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata.

Shifting of the NISc from Bhubaneswar having merited intervention of Orissa High Court, the stand taken by the Union Government do strongly suggest this.

In a petition seeking vacation of the stay order, the Union has informed the Court, that, at no point of time the Central Government had finally decided to set up an IISER at Bhubaneswar; hence question of its shift to Kolkata does not arise at all.

In the original writ petition IISER does not figure. The writ petitioner has said if Indian Institute of Science (IISc), not IISER. If the Center has not taken IISc to be IISER, why has it mentioned the later? It could have refuted the IISc issue and said that there was no decision at all to set up IISc at Bhubaneswar and technically that would not have been a mistake. But it has not done so. It has used the abbreviation IISER. This makes it abundantly clear that what the Central Government means by IISER, the writ petitioner has meant exactly that by IISc. On the other hand, IISc is also not the correct expression. Translated as it is from an Oriya newspaper, the translator has given this expression to Jatiya Vigyana Pratisthana, which should have been National Institute of Sciences (NISc) to be correct. The Central Government knows it. Therefore it has not objected to the incorrect abbreviation IISc.

It is therefore evidently clear that the Central Government knows that the writ petitioner has used IISc for NISc, which was the earlier name of IISER.

Hence, by saying that IISER is a new project and it was never decided for Bhubaneswar, the Central Government has only tried to hoodwink the Court on technical ground. It is a classic instance of administration as well as orientation dishonesty. How the Court shall look at it is the prerogative of judiciary, but in public perception it looks like the conduct of a third grade litigant. Whosoever has been handling this matter at New Delhi has certainly damaged the dignity of the Central Government.

However, by taking this plea, the Central Government has unwittingly admitted that it knows that what is NISc is IISc and what is IISc is IISER. This means, it knows that what is IISER presently was NISc previously. Therefore, the statement No decision was finally taken to set up IISER at Bhubaneswar will mean No decision was finally taken to set up NISc at Bhubaneswar.

We shall se if this statement is based on facts.

In these pages I have earlier dealt with the issue and given proof of how the Central Government had decided to establish the NISc at Bhubaneswar. In its petition for vacation of the stay order, the Central Government has indirectly admitted this. Mark the statement. It has said, No decision was taken finally. What does it mean? It means, The decision was taken tentatively. In other words, the central Government admits to this extent that the decision to establish NISc (IISER) at Bhubaneswar was not final, but was tentative.

How and why this tentative decision has been changed? Who changed it? At whose behest? How far the change is legal?

The central Government has come forward with the argument that the IISER is a new proposal to be fully funded under the central scheme and therefore it is entitled to take a policy decision regarding location of the proposed institute. As shown supra, NISc and IISER being the same, it cannot be said that it is a new proposal.

Change of name, not aim, cannot give an institute newness.

So, it is wrong on part of the central Government to say that IISER is a new scheme. Again, by using the word new, the Central Government has admitted that there is one outstanding scheme. What is this scheme? If the incumbents have the moral guts, they must admit that the outstanding scheme is NISc. They have changed its name to IISER as a trick to transfer it to Kolkata from Bhubaneswar.

As regards the location, it is argued that the Central government is entitled to decide it. But it has no entitlement to obliterate the decision already taken in this regard specifically as the composite character of India does not give its Government a carte blanche to act arbitrarily and in detriment to national integration. When Orissa was the earlier choice who authorized Man Mohan Singh to change the location?

In a bid to justify the change, the Central government has said, The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) to the Prime Minister, comprising of eminent experts from concerned fields having expertise examined with regard to the matter to set up IISER and advised / recommended on what decision should be taken.

If it is a fact then Man Mohan Singh is doing a great damage to the nation. Like the Kalapahada of historical legends that had destroyed the places of worship, Singh is playing havoc with education system.

The Laws of the land do not have any provision for the Prime Minister to super-impose a SAC on the University Grants Commission (UGC) and to work according to the advice of the former to the nullification of the later.

Under Chapter III of the UGC Act, 1956, institutes like IISER (NISc) are to be established only by the UGC, which is the only legal body to advise the Central Government in this regard. At Clause (ccc) it is stipulated that the UGC will establish, in accordance with the regulations made under this Act, Institutions for providing common facilities, services and programs for a group of Universities or for the Universities in general and maintain such Institutions or provide for their maintenance by allocating and, disbursing out of the Fund of the Commission such grants as the Commission may deem necessary.

UGC is the legal body to advise the Central Government or any State Government on the allocation of any grants to Universities for any general or specified purpose out of the Consolidated Fund of India or the Consolidated Fund of the State, as the case may be.(Clause-e)

Hence, it is only the UGC that can establish and maintain institutes like the IISER(NISc) and advise the Central Government to allocate funds for the same from the Consolidated Fund of the Country. None else.

If any authority seeks any advice on establishment of any University or expansion activities of any University, it is required to seek advice of the UGC as contemplated under Clauses (f) and (g) and the UGC in that case shall advise accordingly.

The NISc as well as its new avatar IISER are University-linked institutions, programmed to be developed into Deemed Universities in course of time. If the Prime Minister had to seek any advice in this regard, he was bound under the Law to seek the advice of the UGC only. But he did not do so. He sought the guidance from the so-called SAC and cleared IISER for Kolkata.

Why did he do like this? Answer is very simple. The Bengali lobby knew that the UGC had decided to set up NISc at Bhubaneswar at the first instance and to think of Kolkata later along with other possible places. Look at its language:

In view of the above, it has been decided to establish initially four National Institutes of Sciences in the proximity of the following four Universities, in the four regions of the Country. These Institutes (NIScs) would be established at Pune near Pune University, at Allahabad near the Allahabad University, at Chennai near the Anna University and at Bhubaneswar in close proximity of the Utkal University. In future, many more such institutes could be set up possibly at places such as Calcutta, Chandigarh etc.. (Para 3.5 of Chapter-1, Detailed Project Report on NISc, Feb.2004.)

From the UGC document as quoted above, it can be seen that it was decided to set up a NISc at Bhubaneswar to be operated by July 2005 (Ibid, Executive Summary) )

Kolkata was not in the agenda. The priority list that included Bhubaneswar and rejected Kolkata was a result of collective wishdom of a large number of eminent practicing scientists, science educators, who are not only intimately aware of the ills of the present system but also of the exacting needs of the emerging scenario (Ibid, ch.18))

It is unfortunate that Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh has allowed himself to dance to the tune of the Bengali lobby and has sabotaged the collective wisdom of a large number of eminent practicing scientists, science educators as noted above, to the detriment of the climate of science education in the Country.

The Scientific Policy Resolution passed by our Parliament in 1958 to take energetic steps with all possible speed for making available in the country an adequate supply of scientists of the highest quality was not implemented in its true spirit, lamented UGC, marking the sorry state of affairs as science education (was) unfortunately left to places and people who were totally incapable of understanding the importance of science education. It had summed up its observation by quoting a relevant report that said,The standard of science education are falling alarmingly and if something drastic is not done soon to remedy the situation, the country is surely heading for a disaster. (Ibid, Ch.18) By dancing to the tune of the Bengali lobby, Mr. Singh has precipitated this disaster.

The Bengali lobby had not allowed the 2003 decision to proceed and finally has sabotaged it by using a Prime Minister who it seems is willing to crawl in order to save his chair.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Legislative Assembly has made a world record by deducting money from the salaries of three Congress MLAs towards cash penalty under orders of the Speaker. These MLAs had allegedly damaged Assembly property during an acrimonious debate.

The Opposition has been protesting against the decision alleging that the Speaker was not fair in his judgment. His decision is influenced more by his party link than by parliamentary niceties, they say.

Members of Congress Legislative Party have gone up to apprising the State Governor of the partisan conduct of the Speaker who belongs, as a representative, to the ruling B.J.D. This is, in our view, a serious matter that exposes the dark side of our democracy.

As we watch deterioration has crippled our political system. The M.L.A.s who should be ideal law-abiders have been excelling in contravention of laws. They belong not to any particular party, but they are a class by themselves comprising all the parties. Politics has fallen in wrong hands.

The present Speaker during his previous avatar as MLA from Puri had created a record in contempt towards the House by sleeping on the Reporters’ desk during debate hours with his legs pointed towards the Chair on 28 December 1995. ( Subhas Chandra Pattanayak’s Column in Sambad, dt.05 January 1996.) No MLA had behaved so obnoxiously prior to him. He holds that record till date even though a decade has elapsed.

This is recalled to say that people having no respect for law and democratic decorum have come to represent our people in the ramparts of democracy taking advantage of uneducated enfranchisement. It cannot be said that by virtue of being a Speaker one changes overnight. After all a human being is a human being and a human being is an animal of habits. A politician’s habit is to support to or stand with the party he belongs to; because not by personal strength but by the strength of the party one occupies power. Therefore it cannot be expected that Maheswar Mohanty cannot have any weakness for his party. Then it cannot be outright rejected that he is partisan.

But who else is not? With Biju Patnaik as Leader of Opposition, the House had fallen so deep into the level of mudslinging that the then Speaker Kishore Patel had to jump over the barricade of self-discipline befitting his position in a rush to hurl slang at the unrelenting members of the Opposition on 19 July 1995. He had to apologize only after Ramakrishna Pattanayak and B.K.Deo posted notices for no-confidence motion against the Speaker.

This I mention to show that not only Maheswar Mohanty but also others during their respective incumbency have shown such symptoms that in common perception, Speaker’s supposed impartiality has been eclipsed by a feeling of the shadow of his party. This ought to change.

The Speaker’s ruling cannot be challenged in a court of law. Hence, whether or not Speaker Mohanty has violated law of natural justice by subjecting three Congress MLAs to cash penalty without letting them explain their position cannot be challenged in any court of law. But they can challenge the decision of the Governor in an appropriate Court if he refuses to step in. In that case the legality of the Speaker’s ruling can be put on the matrix of justice and in that event the outcome may not suit the dignity the Speaker is required to safeguard.

Not only in our State but also in other States it is often alleged that the Speakers are acting, contrary to expectation, in partisan manner. This is too serious a syndrome that a democracy can slough over. Hence we must search for a remedy.

To initiate a debate I suggest that the Speaker must be chosen beyond the Treasury Bench and Opposition. No politician having affiliation to any political party should be allowed to contest for and hold the Speaker post.

How could this be possible is a matter that we will find out if you agree to this suggestion.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I pride in my control over emotion. Now I feel it is a false pride, because my soul wants to cry. To cry would mean that I have no control over emotion. So if I agree with my soul to cry, my pride will collapse. I cannot bear with collapse of my pride. Therefore I will not cry.

Creativity! You cry; you therefore cry. Cry on my behalf. Cry on behalf of the fellows like me who are reluctant to cry in the public. Cry. You cry.

In fact, you should cry. You alone should cry. I love you and fellows like me too love you. But neither they nor I have made any sacrifice to love you. He made many a sacrifice. He sacrificed lucrative comforts in order only to be with you. I do not know if you know, but I know very seldom shall come a man like him who can make as much sacrifices for you as he did.

He topped Utkal University in English. Joined the fraternity of teachers. Left it. He joined Life Insurance Corporation as an administrative officer. Left it. He joined as an officer in State Bank of India. Left it.

He left jobs that generate comfort, that promise comfort, that increase comfort, that ensure comfort, that enhance comfort. Why? Why he left all these jobs one after another? Because, like the musk in the body of the deer makes him run after his own self in search of the musk un to the last, you Creativity, made him run after himself in search of you till he breathed his last.

He joined the profession of journalism, not as an employed journalist, but as a freelancer. He wanted to remain beyond the bounds of job lest job-charts restrict his love for you.

He did not go for reporting politics or industry though that allures many. He preferred reporting arts and culture. This is all for you, for the love for you, Creativity, for the love and commitment for you.

After him you wont find a scribe who dreams for and brings out a journal on book review in a place where publishers do not update their catalogues! After him you wont find a man in media who, in the present environment of Orissa, makes it possible for her artistic activities to have a nationwide constituency. You will miss your committed comrade forever.

So, Creativity, cry, you cry.

Cry for Bibhuti Mishra whom on November 29 the omnipotent emptiness has snatched away from you. Hence you cry.