Naveen Patnaik Allegedly Involved with a Scam of Rs.300 Crores

Orissa’s highest circulated newspaper ‘Sambad’ has raised a serious allegation in its July 27 edition against Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik that warrants urgent attention.

It brings Naveen’s role as Union minister of Steel and Mines into question.

When he was the central minister, he subjected the Public Sector NALCO to a 300 crore loss in a design to help a private company of Mukunda group styled, International Aluminum Producers Company Ltd.(IAPCL)

According to its report, IAPCL had cultivated NALCO during Naveen’s regime as Union Steel Minister into its fold. Naveen’s close ally Pyari Mohan Mohapatra was then in the NALCO Board of Directors. It wanted and the Center approved to invest 30 crore in IAPCL. Subsequently it was steered into an agreement to purchase end products of IAPCL as and when commercial production commences. It did not happened. But oblivious of impacts it may have on its own economy, NALCO purchased the IAPCL plant at 300 crore of Rupees under clandestine pressure.

Sambad claims, the IAPCL plant was not existent in reality. It existed in papers only. And, hence and the money spent in purchasing of this ghost plant by NALCO was straightaway a loot by the schemers.

Naveen Patnaik should react to this and place everything on records, at least in Orissa’s official web site, so that this alleged felony could be best estimated.

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