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Orissa High Court saved on May 19 morning Rabindra Kumar Pal alias Dara Singh from the gallows and redrafted him for life imprisonment. The Judgement Reoprt under scan in the High Court was carrying the original sentence as, “Convict Dare Singh is the prima Donna of the offence. Like knight errant of crime he formed a militant group of local tribals to physically liquidate Staines on the belief that with Staines the spread of Christianity will be buried in the area. Rest of the convicts who are gullible tribals, blindly followed him.

“The factual scenario shows how gruesome and macabre the crime was. Even after drawing a balance sheet of aggravating and mitigating circumstances, the case falls within the rarest of rare cases. Convict Dara Singh as the ambassador of death deserves death whereas rest convicts being gullible Adibasis deserve justice tempered with mercy.
Considering the various rulings of the Supreme Court and the facts and circumstances of the case in which the crime was committed and part played by the convicts, I sentence each of the convict to imprisonment for life under Section 120-B I.P.C., imprisonment for three years under Sec.148 I.P.C., imprisonment for seven year under Sec.435 read with S.149 I.P.C., imprisonment for life U/S.436 read with s.149 I.P.C. and imprisonment for life under sec.302 read with S.149 I.P.C . Sentences shall run concurrently.
“I sentence convict Rabindra Kumar Pal alias Dara Singh to death u/s.302 I.P.C ,for which he was separately charged and direct he be hanged by the neck till he is dead. The death sentence shall not be executed unless it is confirmed by the Hon’ble high court of Orissa”.
But the High Court of Orissa today disagreed with this judgment and converted the death sentence to life imprisonment and set free 11 of the co-accused persons. The details of the High Court Ruling shall be posted in our next edition.


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Chairman of Reliance Infocom Ltd. Mr. Mukesh Ambani is to defend himself in a money suit that demands Rupees one crore twenty lakhs for damage caused to a residential building in Sahidnagar, Bhubaneswar. The suit has been filed here by Mrs. Asharani Misra before the Civil Judge, senior division and is registered vide M.S.No.254/04.

According to the plaintiff, she is a share-holder in a “two storied palatial building” that her father had constructed at Sahidnagar. This being a joint family property, she has filed a partition suit bearing T.S.No.53/1996 before the appropriate court where it is awaiting decision.

When her claim is thus sub-judice, Reliance Infocom Ltd. Occupied 1st floor of the house “without consent of the plaintiff” and changed the “architectural looks of the building” by “demolishing the staircase and balcony of the 1st floor” and started business activities in telecom sector. This has not only ruined the original look of the building in which the happy memories of her father sitting atop that particular balcony lies, but also has made her vulnerable to punitive action by the B.D.A. and the G.A. department as being converted into a business complex, the stipulation that the plot allotted to her father “for residential purpose only” has been contravened.

She had, according to the plaint, notified Ambani on 3rd August 2004 of the damage done to her but as he and his firm did not heed to her notice, she has preferred the case.


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Scam in Stamps and Stamped papers to the extent of multi-thousand crore of rupees having hit the country mercilessly in 2002-03, Governments both at the center and in the States have been trying to invent ways to stop its recurrence. Orissa has invented one that can unfailingly succeed.

Orissa’s Inspector General of Registration, Mr.Pramod Chandra Patnaik has issued circulars, on interpretation of existing laws, to the Licensing authorities, Treasury Officers and to the Collectors, to ensure that Stamps/Papers are issued only to the licensed vendors.

The Vendors are to place their respective transaction Registers at the end of each quarter before the Licensing authorities for verification of supply, sale and stock of Stamps and stamped-papers. The Additional District Magistrates are the licensing authorities in Orissa. The Orissa Supply and sale of Stamps and Stamped-papers Rule, 1990 stipulates that the licensing authorities are to record the word ‘VERIFIED’ after the last entry in the Register submitted by the vendor in token of examination.

Patnaik has noted, “It is being observed that the licensing authorities do not verify the Registers of the vendors at quarterly intervals”. Therefore, “there is every possibility that misuse of Stamps and stamped documents can go undetected till it assumes serious proportion”.

Asking the ADMs to verify Stamp Registers of vendors “scrupulously” at the end of every quarter, the IGR has warned them that any failure shall attract the Law that “prescribes that you shall be held responsible”.

As a precautionary step, the Treasury and Sub-Treasury Officers have been asked to issue Stamps to the vendors only after examining that the licensing authority has duely verified the concerned Register.

In another circular to the Collectors, as they are the controllers of Treasury in their respective districts, the IGR has intimated that the Treasury Officers are to put their signature with stamp on the backside of every stamped paper whose value is more than Rs.1000/-. In papers below this value stamped signatures of the Treasury officers will do. The Collectors are required to educate the Treasury and Sub-Treasury Officers under their control accordingly. In addition, as a safety measure, the Collectors are to see that the vendors submit their specimen signature to the Revenue Officer for circulation within the district so as to eliminate every possibility of counterfeit stamps being used.

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