Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa is known as Utkal because of her superb contribution to the world of arts. Its inhabitants’inherent ability to create wonderful items of art stems from the abundant beauty Mother Nature has so kindly given to her.

In the past, she had suffered many invasions till finally subjugated by the British.The invaders had never unleashed their adventures for the shake of adventure but because she was very highly rich in her art and culture, in her social customs, in her minerals,in her flora and fauna and other natural resources, they were eager to occupy it.in interest of their respective livelihood.

But when subjugation finally ended with the British Raj breathing its last, she felled in to the trap of mismanagement by the representatives of her own people, the constitution of India having come to the rescue of the usurpers Her natural resources were looted by unscrupulous traders with the help of official functionaries. Her human resources were reduced to an inoperative state. This has resulted in the sad situation where the government of the day has been working hard to deny starvation deaths that so frequently occur. The busiest land of the past has become to day the land of unemployment.and resultant penury.
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